Why I’m Not Getting Apple Watch Anytime Soon

I used to work with such an Apple fanboy that he went out and bought the very first Cinema Display when it came out on the market. I think it set him back $12000 or so, which was probably a years rent for the guy at the time. I distinctly remember when we hired him… Read More »

Your Car Is Now A Consumer Electronic

So my car is nearing the end of its lease and therefore I’m in the market for a new vehicle. I’ve had my current car for a little over 3 years and I’m stunned by the differences in the technology available today in comparison to what was available back then – and back then was… Read More »

Power: The Real Innovation Issue

One of the things I’ve keenly been made aware of lately, after having toured the Tesla plant and seeing what they are working, to the devices we have in our pockets and on our wrists, to the Apple Watch and the many upon many little booths at CES hawking solutions for this problem, it seems… Read More »

7 Reasons To Boycott The Listicle

Ok so this post really isn’t going to have 7 reasons to boycott the listicle, however I will talk about how and why the listicle is so popular. If you ask me, listicles are pure linkbait, and we should boycott them because, simply, they really do not contain any useful content. I would class the… Read More »

Startups Fail Too, You Know

I’ve been listening to a number of startup podcasts lately after seeing a listicle (can’t believe that that is a real word now) on the top startup podcasts you should be listening to, and the tone is just so optimistic on all of them. Everyone is wonderfully successful, has just the right partners, has great traction,… Read More »

No Business Card? Seriously?

After navigating for 3 whole days the innards and outards of CES this year, I ended up with a nice stack of business cards from people who I talked to who built interesting technologies and services who I wanted to follow up with. Even though the show was huge and I made sure to hit… Read More »

Droning About Drones

Something that was in huge supply at CES were drones – little itty-bitty drones which can fit in the palm of your hand (the Nixie and the ZANO) all the way to huge drones which could deliver packages (I wonder if Amazon will be shipping via drone anyways, even though they said they weren’t – its… Read More »

Big Brothering Ourselves At CES

Specifically looking for interesting examples of internet of things (IoT) implementations at CES, I was struck by all of the devices that basically allow to us watch ourselves, take pictures of ourselves and video ourselves. Ultimate donut selfie, anyone? There seemed to be a huge undertone of “security” all over the place – there were… Read More »

Most Disruptive Tech : The Internet Of Things

I was honored to be asked to be a panelist at the SIME conference in Miami a month ago – it was a very cool conference – a bit like a mini TED, where I shared the stage with a group as amazing and diverse as UFC fighter Royce Gracie, considered by some as the most influential figure… Read More »