Raw Transcript: AI is winning

Good morning everyone and welcome to the think future podcast.  I mean host Chris Kalaboukis because and once again we’re coming to you live from deep in the heart of Silicon Valley California now a couple of things have happened over the last week which I find very interesting actually.  One thing has happened over the last week and one thing’s been happening over the last little while I’m thinking the juxtaposition of these two trends.  I’m finding a little bit interesting.  Recently over the last week or so.  Oculus Vivi our company has decided to shut down their demo stations all most of their demo stations around.  The country.  A lot of these were Best Buys in other places.  So there’s a dip in demand for V.A.R. and I can completely understand why there’s a dip in demand for V.R.V. are if you ask me is extremely nice type of thing.  It reminds me of a shark tank episode that I used to watch to watch search tank they saw the shark tank episode where there was a gentleman who was pushing a round treadmill for video gaming you basically stepped into this thing it was surrounded you and it detected what direction you were walking in and it moved the character in the same direction so it was almost like a like a round like a three hundred sixty degree treadmill and you’d wear glasses you’d have your your weapon in your hand in your character would be walking around it was a really interesting device but as most of the shark said it’s very nice.  Product basically if you think about it at the base level it’s a peripheral.  It’s a peripheral for a video game because who else is going to want to spend and I think it was something like six hundred dollars to build this peripheral into video games.  And it made me think that V.A.R. is kind of in the same space it’s basically a peripheral.  For content and the content is not there yet.  Like most things.  Like most things and this is the this is the thing that I think some people don’t understand is that technology is not there for technology sake the content has to drive the technology which is why when people ask me.  Because as a.  I’ve been a techie forever right.  So everybody I know asks me for advice when it comes to purchasing computers.  Right.  They say hey what kind of computer should I buy.  And I go.  The first question I ask is Well what do you want to do with it.  What kind of software do you want to write.  What kind of suffer do you want to run it.  What kind of things.  Do you want to do with it.  What what are you going to do with it.  What kind of content.  Are you going to look at on it.  What kind of country do you to manipulate on it.  So it’s all about the software it’s all about what you’re going to do with it and I think when it comes to V Are we still haven’t figured out.  What people are going to do with it.  There’s no compelling killer app software in the V.A.R. space is going to want large numbers of people to do it.  It’s always going to be in the product may think it will personally I think it’s it’s going to need product and it’s always going to be niche product because there’s not going to be that many people who will truly want to fully live in a completely digital world until we have that full.  Digital World available in software can you imagine.  So there are plenty of people now who live in things like World of Warcraft when there’s a fully realized digital world they spend a lot of their time in this fully reach realized digital world right now there is no fully realized v are based digital world.  Since there isn’t one.  It’s not going to draw people into it.  There’s no world at the same level as something like World of Warcraft in the B.R. space that will draw people in.  If you read the book ready player one you know what I’m talking about they basically basically talks about a future world called Oasis which is sort of like an extension of these virtual worlds that we’re building and they’re all they all exist in virtual reality.  If something like that existed where people could connect and communicate a basically a very our version of World of Warcraft then maybe V E R.  Would take off a bit more but again it still would be.  For a small portion of the population.  Now I’ve said this before where we’re going is actually augmented reality or as people like to call it now mixed reality where you’re taking reality in you’re overlaying it over or you’re taking virtual objects and you’re overlaying it over our field of vision in the real world and that’s where probably where most things are going to be going.  So it’s interesting that we’re seeing virtual reality on the wane.  But we’re seeing a ton of new interest in a way and check bots especially AI there’s a ton of companies that are typically you would think well why is Ford.  Buying an AI company.  Of course they’re trying to build a Thomas vehicles and AI has been around for a very long time.  Research into AI has been around for a very long time.  But I think people are sensing.  People are feeling now that there’s about to be or there’s we are very close to either some type of breakthrough.  Or at least the ability to put in many ways.  Into a number of objects so we’re we’re at the point where we had all these they call them smart things but they’re actually dumb these dumb things that are out.  They’re in the they’re just connected to the Internet and they don’t really have any intelligence other than they can sense and maybe they can do a little of affecting kind of like your Nest thermostat which can sense the temperature and then can turn up.  Your furnace.  But the intelligence behind that is really rudimentary So I think what’s happening now is a lot of companies are realizing that the next wave the next.  Curve.  I guess you could say in technology where we’re going next after the smartphone because the smartphone has petered out and V.A.R. isn’t going to do where it’s been a R. is not quite there yet.  So the next place that they can really sort of sink their teeth into investment wise is I make these things smarter.  So if that’s if you’re interested in going into a specific space that is where to go and you don’t necessarily need to have.  Sort of high level.  Thinking you don’t need to have high level AI thinking within the group you just need to figure out how can we apply sort of mid range to low range in order to help improve the customer experience.  How can make things better for the customer.  So it’s time to sort of say you know what let’s put the interfaces aside for a second.  And let’s focus on what kind of intelligence can we build into our products and services to help our customers improve their lives.  And this is what I was talking about when I talk about sort of denting the universe forget about the monetization aspect first.  Think about how best to improve people’s lives and then look at what kind of can we apply and it doesn’t have to be super smart AI It needs to be some level of which will alleviate the burden of doing a lot of these little things for your customers.  I read just an article the other day.  Which talked about how was it fully twenty five percent twenty five percent of the actions at the pickle C.E.O. does during the day can be handled by robots can be handled by bots can be handled by some type of AI So that’s the case of twenty five percent of your most senior executives job can be taken care of by bots then we have to think about how advanced these bots are getting and what else can be done and as I said before as artificial intelligence get smarter as bots get smarter as they end up doing more then we might see a reduction in some work for humans because they are going to take on the role of what humans used to do in that case.  Basically the answer is is that if this is a job that a bot can do better than a human or as good as a human then that human should be repurposed to do something else that’s better suited for that human.  So in the end of it.  Of your is interesting.  It’s probably not as exciting as something like a I focus on something like over the interfaces because something like If you ask me.  Definitely will become more of a force in the short term as opposed to those types of interfaces.  Anyways that’s it for me for is a see next time until then don’t forget to think future.