Progress. It’s all about the people.

Raw Transcript:

Good morning everyone and welcome to the think future podcast My name is Chris Kalaboukis because and today we’re going to talk a little bit about technology.  And I’ve been running a number of foresight exercises over the last little while for some of my customers.  Some of my clients and we have been able to in the vision.  And past future fantastic future.  Oh yeah I mean so many amazing things.  Will happen.  We’re going to have.  We’re going to be able to become better human beings based on some of the technology the implementation of some of the technology that we’re talking about where it going to be able to build systems that will be able to guide us like never before in fact sometimes I think about how these systems will be able to help us in our lives and help us change our lives.  I can’t imagine how wonderful some of these things are going to be.  I mean can you imagine making a goal for yourself like you want to lose twenty pounds and everything around you.  Conspires to help you lose those twenty pounds.  Right.  So I tell my assistant I say Alexa I want to lose twenty pounds and she says great.  Are you one hundred percent sure that you want to do that and within what time frame and I say yes I am and I want to lose it between in the next six months and will say Great thanks I will implement that program and what happens is that from that point on everything that you do every system that you deal with will automatically work to assist you to get to that level.  Here’s what I’m talking about.  So a system will basically look at everything that you do and Turman a new path for you to take based on your new goal so when you try to order a pizza.  Maybe a one order pizza for you.  It will order something else you say hey order me a pizza let’s order me a pizza.  And she either refuses or says you know what I’m not going to order pizza for you and order something else for you or maybe order something else for you anyway.  And that’s what shows up at the door instead of pizza or your driver or a tunnel as a vehicle doesn’t drop you off exactly where you need to be but it drops you off two miles away.  So you have to walk two miles to get to your meeting see what I’m saying the entire world around you will modify itself to help you get to that goal to make you a better human being.  Now all of this technology is available today.  All the technology is this what we’re talking about we’re talking about how wonderful some of the stuff this time of course is there’s plenty of detractors who say oh I don’t want systems to know all about what I need to do in and modify my life but if thing is that we all need guidance to modify our lives and some of us have amazing willpower and can say oh I want to lose twenty pounds and then I go ahead and do everything I need to do in order to lose twenty pounds but the rest of us are like We need guidance we need help we need a personal trainer.  We need a dietitian we need all these systems and guides to help us to get to that point.  And if the entire world could reconfigure itself around our goal and help us to get to that goal.  I think that would be phenomenal.  Now some people will detract from that in they would say no and I think that is where the problem lies is that all of the technology that I’ve described.  And here’s another one.  It’s interesting.  Let’s say you get to your meeting and it’s on the I don’t know fifth floor of a building and you walk up to the elevator you press the button and it doesn’t work the elevator doors do not what open and then your phone buzzes and you look at it and it’s a text from the system saying take the stairs.  So you can get some extra exercise in it.  I’m saying so humans we can have these systems the world help us guide us to our goals and will help us guide us to our goals.  And all of this technology is available today now the elevator to self may not be.  May not have the ability to enter a signal or determine that it doesn’t need to open specifically for that individual but all of the technology that I’ve described is available today.  The problem is not the technology.  The cool technology or that all of these things have described all of this cool stuff.  The could happen is not the technology we have it’s not that we haven’t developed the technology to do it now in some some cases it does require a lot of computing power.  I mean I was at a conference the other day and some of the presentation on using robots to clear a table.  And then when they were talking about the amount of processing power required to have a robot walk up to a dinner table where the meal is finished and actually pick up everything on that table and put it in a tray and basically bust the table is so complicated.  It’s unbelievably complicated.  How much computation power.  Is required in order to have something as simple to us as busting a table to a robot.  It’s an it’s unbelievable.  And it just seems that there seem to be.  And a lot more work than they have to in order to get it to get it done but hey I mean if that’s the case then obviously there are still some situations where the technology can’t quite do it yet we haven’t figured out the best way to do it yet but it can do it.  So the technology.  I guess my argument at the end of the day is that the technology is available for all of this stuff to occur.  The technology is available for us to build systems where we provide our chat bot with a directive and then everything behind that directive.  The world will modify itself to help us to get to that direct.  All of that technology is available.  All we need is the people to be OK with it is that you know us have heard that this statement I’ve heard it a number of variations of this statement it’s like you talk to a teacher and they say oh man School regrade if it weren’t for the students or work would be great if it weren’t for the clients or work would be great if it weren’t for my coworkers.  So all of his things would be great if it weren’t for other people.  So you can distill it down to jump a comment.  Hell is other people.  So the reality is folks is that one of the reasons why a lot of this these technologies have not moved forward is because people are holding them back.  People are having issues with.  Rolling them out doing something moving them forward so we have people pushing back and I call these people’s The Should we as.  We have these should we ease pushing back on the technology and saying well.  I know we can do it but should we and the problem is that we could be so much further ahead.  If we had less Should we show.  Outing less loudly.  So.  If you think about it a lot of people who I call the do its who say.  Let’s do this thing.  Let’s do this thing figure out if we can do it first before we decide whether we should pushing against these should we.  And if we could just help to convince these should we say that what we’re doing here is not going to automate us or hurt us but it’s going to make us into better human beings then I think the technology and all the systems would work and move much faster because it’s basically like the people who say well we need to create a universal basic income because automation is going to take away our jobs before automation starts taking away our jobs.  Why don’t we determine if automation can take our we are jobs first before we decide that we need to do something like that and if you think about it and I’ve said this before.  Is that if automation takes away your job.  Then you probably should be doing something else something more human.  So the reality is is that we could have an amazing world of technology all of these utopian future visions of flying cars and and and other systems that will help us become the best kinds of humans that we can be are only really being held back by those should we say do we really should we really do this.  So it’s not the technology.  It’s the people.  So whenever you want to help change things and put in new technology to help humanity then you always have to deal with that human element that attempts to retard that forward progress.  So we don’t have that fantastically amazing utopian future because people are saying don’t do it.  It’s not the technology they can’t do it.  It’s acknowledge you can do it all this technology is available and can be implemented.  It’s all about the people pushing back.  That’s it for me for today.  See you next time and until then don’t forget to think future.