Goodbye Closed, Hello Open

Open Is Always Better Than Closed.

It’s been over 10 years, but its finally time to say goodbye.

I’ve had a Yahoo! Mail account for what it feels like forever. I liked it because no matter how many things change around me, at least that’s constant. People know my email address, no matter how many jobs I’ve held and how many places I’ve lived, my email address has stayed the same.

I guess that even though I’m all about innovation, it is still comforting to have that constant always there.

However, times have changed, and Yahoo! Mail still remains a pay service for those who don’t want to experience their mail the Yahoo way…either in the browser or locked into their purple and yellow experience. Not very open.

This hit home for me now that I’m on my new Android phone. The openness of this environment appealed to me, unlike the locked in experience that you get on an iPhone.

However, when it came time to set up my email, I tried to use the native email app to access my Yahoo! Mail. Since I am a Mail Plus user and pay yearly for POP access, I figured that it would be a no-brainer.

Well, half the time my mail wouldn’t POP down, the other half of the time I’d have to go into Yahoo! Mail on the browser then magically mail started flowing. The other option was the Yahoo! Mail for Android client, which I didn’t like either. Locked in, not open.

These are the 2010s. No one should be locked into anything. Despite the fact that I don’t really like the Gmail interface, having the ability to import and redirect all my mail from the 4 accounts I have into one place, then easily view all of that on my mobile phone, sealed the deal for me.

So it’s time to say goodbye to closed systems and hello to open ones. I wonder if Steve and Carol are listening to the thousands of us out there who are feeling the same.

Now, there are some people who love closed systems. In fact, there are tons of them out there. Just not me – and probably most people who have a bit of a technical side. We prefer open.

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Chris Kalaboukis

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Chris is a prolific inventor (60+ patents), exceptional innovator (headed internal banking, retail and technology innovation programs), experienced technologist, serial entrepreneur and futurist.
Chris Kalaboukis
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