I Like Parking On Roofs

What’s The View Like From Up Here?

A little digression here – I noted the other day that every time I go into a parking structure, I tend to keep on driving – and get frustrated with some of the other drivers just waiting for spots along the way – I just keep on going until I get to the roof of the structure. Usually, once I get there, I’m treated with some kind of amazing view most people never see – they stay in the bowels of the structure, hoping to get a parking spot ¬†as soon as possible. They miss some of the really cool views that you can get from going all the way to the top – especially around here in California. I’ll bet its pretty similar anywhere else you – unless of course its an underground lot – ūüėČ

Next time you are in an above ground parking garage, just indulge me and keep on driving up to the roof, you may be surprised by what you see. Remember every new experience is an¬†opportunity¬†to help change your thinking. Who knows what you might see from up there…