Joining the Quantified Self Movement

Joining the Quantified Self Movement

After reading about this for a while, and hearing all of these good things about this “movement” – my wife and I finally dipped our toe in the shallow end of this – while we had tracked ourselves manually and in apps for mostly weight management, thought it would be interesting to take it up a notch and get deeper into the commercial side of self-quantification. This is admittedly a small step – unlike some of my friends who go for regular monthly workups or test their own blood pressure a number of times a day – we wanted to start with the most accessible equipment on the market, and then move up the scale as required.

I’ve been interested in this since I filed a patent application when I was at Yahoo! on tracking and aggregating mood via using some type of device which a user would wear like a ring: this device would be able to sense mood by tracking things like skin moisture, blood pressure, heart rate etc and then wirelessly upload the data to the computer, which would then somehow determine the mood of the user (there may need to be some training involved – for example while you were using the computer if its senses some kind of change then it would ask how you were feeling and it would map your feeling to the vitals that it was tracking through your ring) – this was something we envisioned almost 3 years ago and is only now similar devices like the Fitbit are hitting the market – tiny wearable trackers – while they aren’t as sophisticated as the devices we envisioned for the patent filing, it’s interesting to see the progress begin made – quicker than I expected – we figured that the time frame would be ten years – so maybe in 2019 we’ll see true mood trackers.

We finally bit the bullet last week and bought Fitbit’s for Kitty and I – I’d heard many good things about the Fitbits from a former colleague of mine – he also swore up and down how awesome the Wiithings wireless scale was, he’d show me on his iPhone how he was tracking his weight loss – I figured I needed something a little more advanced that that – so we did some research and got our Fitbits delivered last week.

via Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker – Day One | Helpful Hints For Living.

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