We Are All Innovators

The User Innovator

Sure – there’s plenty of innovators who have no intention of either patenting or selling their inventions – we just build or mod stuff and then use it – most of the time its not because we don’t think it will sell, or we don’t think that its unique enough to patent – it’s more likely that the innovator is just not a startup person or entrepreneur – they are perfectly happy doing exaclty what they have been doing and are uninterested in leaving their job for an uncertain future selling their invention.

Additionally, its likely that they don’t patent their inventions because for those who have looked into it at all, its not cheap nor is it easy – you have to know what you are doing in order to properly write and submit a patent application that will get issued – not only is the issuance not assured, you never know how much it will cost you from beginning to end.

So we innovate for innovation sake. Hmm. I sense business opportunity here…

Nearly 12 million Americans create or modify products they use at home, according to our research. But the vast majority – more than 90 percent – will never get a patent on their innovations. So what motivates them?The innovators we studied their innovations may or may not meet the criteria for inventions are user innovators – a very different breed than independent inventors.

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