Looking For The Next Big Thing? Google Glass Apps & Accessories


The next big thing is already here – if you are looking to start a startup and are looking for the next wave of interesting apps, the time is right to start in the Google Glass space.

I predict that Google Glass will be huge – literally the next big app platform. Well, not even just an app platform – I see tons of accessories (the accessory market alone is worth over $2B) as people bling out their Glass. If It were looking to the next big thing, it would be developing both apps and hardware for Glass.

The device may be rudimentary at the moment, but it has awesome potential. A lot of people I know are waiting on the sidelines to see if it flies – they are thinking they people won’t be using it – that its too geeky etc. Sure – at the moment – but just wait until the crowd gets their hand on them en masse – then we will see a huge wave of interesting apps and designs For those of you who missed the initial web wave and the apps wave, here is a perfect wave to catch next, and the time to catch it is now.

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend Google I/O and grab a developers kit, stay on top of developments and grab a kit as soon as they are released. In the meantime, educate yourself on what you will build and how you will build – likely the device will run on a variant of Android, so get up to speed on developing Android apps if you haven’t already, then try to envision ideas which would be relevant on a head-up-display that you carry with you anywhere.

Here’s an idea to get you started: how about an app which warns you off of restaurants which don’t map to your diet – a vegetarian might see a big X on it as they walk by a steakhouse.

Imagine what else you could do…

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