Cyborgs R Us!

Let’s be honest. We are already cyborgs

We can hardly survive without our smartphones as our backup brains. Science fiction predicted this, we would eventually have intelligent sidekicks that would be able to record and respond to any and all questions. As far as I’m concerned we are already there.

Assuming that, where do we go from here? Do we continue to try to assume that we have to be able to live and exist without devices, which is what the education system and many other systems expect? Or do we just realize that a human being is now not only flesh and blood but also electronic? Without our devices, we are homo sapiens, with them, are we homo superior? Cyborgs.

For example, I wrote a while for another blog that I thought that steroids and other kinds of augmentation for athletes should just be allowed, because a) there is really no way to fully police it across the board and b) augmenting the human body like this IMHO in the next step of our evolution. We are driving our OWN evolution by deciding to enhance ourselves. Why should using a smartphone, with its vast access to information, both human and computer generated, not be the next level of human evolution? Maybe a cyborg is the next stage of our evolution.

If you take that as given, then think about how a job interview would go? How would a college class go? How does work change? If we expand the definition of a person to include their device, then everything changes.

I think that this is inevitable. The question is, how long will it be before our culture changes to make it acceptable. In the meantime, I wonder if there are any cyborg meetups I can go to nearby.

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