News From The Future:These Microbots Don’t Let Dirt Lie

nanobotSep 17, 2018 / Tehran, Iran: Courtesy HGTV: When you step into Amita’s large house in this wealthy neighborhood in Tehran, one is struck by the peace and serenity. A large expansive home, Amita has lived here all alone since her husband’s death last year. Speaking to Amita, you feel a sense of calmness. As one of the oldest women on earth, you wonder how she finds the energy to maintain her immaculate home. “My house is beautiful, isn’t it” she says wistfully as she looks around at the antique rugs and furniture. “I don’t even need help to clean it”

You see, Amita is one of the first customers of ImmacuBots Inc. ImmacuBots produces microscopic cleaning robots, which are so tiny you can barely see them. About a year ago, ImmacuBots contacted Amita about using her home for an experiment. While Amita and her husband were curious and concerned, they needn’t have worried. Hal Novak, President of ImmacuBots says “Amita’s house is a perfect place for us to trial our ImmacuBots. We decided 10,000 Microbots would be sufficient. We then programmed the Microbots with the parameters of the outside of the house, and where they should take the waste products. We also set up alerts for Amita in case a critical number of Microbots were destroyed during the cleaning process and more needed to be released, and provided her with another 10000 just in case. We expected to release self-repairing Microbots, but since these are so cheap to produce, we may not pursue that.”

While we are sipping tea with Amita, she demonstrates how they operate by spilling hot tea on the antique wooden coffee table. While I react with shock, she simply smiles, sits back and says “Watch”. Within moments the spill and stain simply slowly disappear, as if it was evaporating, only quicker. “We experimented with timings and impressions; at first people freaked out if things just immediately disappeared” says Hal “so we improved the user interface to make things seem to evaporate. It works great, and we are almost ready for launch.”

The interesting seeming dichotomy of using futuristic Microbots to clean ancient rugs and furniture seems to be a non-issue.

About 6 years ago, I wrote a set of predictive stories about what life would be like 10 years out. Really interesting to go back to that time and see how much of that is on the way to actually happening: some of it – like 3d printers, are definitely moving along at a rapid clip. Others, not so much. I thought that you might find some of these interesting, so I’ll send them out in addition to my regular scheduled programming. Hope you enjoyed, and that it spurs some new thinking!