“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”
– William Gibson

I put this compilation video together about 2 years ago for a presentation on the future of retail – It’a amazing how far along some of these are now in the last 2 years, and some of these are completely wrong.

Not here yet:

  • Surface style screens with table/mobile phone connectivity
  • Screens which can fold and morph into laptops
  • Folding displays that work really well. I bet they are close though…
  • Customer customized pricing per product: you walk into a store and there are no prices. You download the store app and use it to scan the item, which gives you your price. Other shoppers get their price. That would be interesting.
  • Flying cars! When the hell are those getting here!

Already here:

Probably Never:

  • Credit card size devices. As I’ll talk about in my upcoming book Our Devices, Ourselves I feel that devices hit a size wall in 2010 and displays are getting smaller, as opposed to bigger. There will be other ways of communing with our devices
  • Walking through a virtual store in a first person 3d way. Looks very cheesy in this video but what if we really kicked up the realism level through really good graphics and OculusVR style displays?
  • On cart displays. You’ll use your mobile device for all that. Maybe a bluetooth connected scanner in the handle for you to scan things and auto charge/check shopping lists. Same for navigating within a store

Completely Wrong:

What do you all think? Anything you found completely right and unbelievably wrong? Let me know, below….

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Chris Kalaboukis
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