Future News : Community Comes Together To Rebuild Bridge


Dateline 10/8/2018 – Harrison, Idaho, United States: What happens when the bridge connecting your community to the nearest city collapses and the city government is too under resourced to help? The local community comes together to rebuild it. About a year ago, the town of Harrison, Idaho was cut off from their nearest city Coeur D’Alene, by the collapse of the bridge over Anderson Lake (Route ID-97). When after a year has passed with no action from the city, state or federal government, the Harrison Chamber of Commerce decided to take matters into their own hands and pulled together a group of citizens and local businessmen to fund and rebuild the bridge on their own. Says Rich Dombrowski, President of the Chamber “We’re tired of waiting around for any government to pitch in. We’ve been passed from the feds, to state, to city, and gotten squat. Our taxes are going to fund bums and needle exchange programs in Coeur D’Alene instead of to real infrastructure we need. I blame all those Californians – bringing their socialist ways with them!” Rich continued to add that the bridge would be rebuilt in half the time and at less than a quarter of the cost of the estimates provided by any government agency. It seems like here, as in most of the rest of the country, citizens increasingly take matters into their own hands as governments are proving less and less effective at maintaining basic infrastructure and focus their efforts and financial resources on social programs.

About 6 years ago, I wrote a set of predictive stories about what life would be like 10 years out. Really interesting to go back to that time and see how much of that is on the way to actually happening: some of it – like 3d printers, are definitely moving along at a rapid clip. Others, not so much. I thought that you might find some of these interesting, so I’ll send them out in addition to my regular scheduled programming. Hope you enjoyed, and that it spurs some new thinking!