Future News : 50% of African Nations Survive On Microfinance

microfinanceDateline 10/10/2018 : N’Djamena, Chad: Courtesy Yahoo! Finance: In this landlocked nation, which used to be one of the poorest nations in all of Africa, businesses are thriving, people have jobs, AIDS is on the wane, and the people are indexing happier. What happened? In this country, and the rest of Africa, microfinance, or micro loans provided directly to businesses directly from first world citizens, are supercharging this formerly lagging economy. At last count, 52.6% of African nations economies run on loans from individuals based in other countries, such as the US, EU, Japan, Korea and other more prosperous African nations. This is in stark contrast to the scenes of starvation and violence of 10 years ago, when aid came to the country via the UN and was kept from the people by the corrupt Idriss Déby Itno regime. Microfinance companies such as the VITA Micro-Enterprise Scheme in Africa and companies such as Prosper.com’s DNZ™ (Developing Nations Zone) specialize in connecting individuals in first world countries to entrepreneurs in developing nations. Loans as little as 30 Euros can fund a Chadian business for a considerable period of time and provide an excellent return. You should consider microfinance loans for your personal portfolio.

About 6 years ago, I wrote a set of predictive stories about what life would be like 10 years out. Really interesting to go back to that time and see how much of that is on the way to actually happening: some of it – like 3d printers, are definitely moving along at a rapid clip. Others, not so much. I thought that you might find some of these interesting, so I’ll send them out in addition to my regular scheduled programming. Hope you enjoyed, and that it spurs some new thinking!