Future News:How I Moved To Africa & Kept My Job


Dateline 11/11/2018: Gaborone, Botswana: When John Smith’s wife was transferred to the University of Botswana here as a Professor of Archaeology, he assumed that he would have to quit his lucrative position as Lead Engineer at IndieCaster, Inc, based in Silicon Valley, California, and find employment in Gaborone, which would not normally be an issue, as Gaborone has enjoyed the status as the fastest growing city in the world for more than 10 years. Fortunately for both John and IndieCaster, and new virtual office technologies from There.com (formerly Makena Technologies) called VirtuallyThere™, John can remain a full time employee and interact with co-workers like he never left. There.com installed their technology in an office at IndieCasters office in Palo Alto, CA, and in John’s home office in Gaborone. When a co-worker knocks on the door of the room in Palo Alto, the sound of the knock is translated to his home in Gaborone. When John walks into his home office in Gaborone, the sensory streams from each office are exchanged in real time. The images are extremely high resolution. When a co-worker walks into his office in Palo Alto, his images are sent to Gaborone. “One time,” says John “I actually nearly broke my hand reaching to shake hands with a vendor, the resolution is that good” There.com, which was founded in 1998, struggled for years to find a working business model, dabbled in the virtual world space for a number of years before its government arm, Forterra Systems, perfected Ultra High Definition visual and auditory technologies, culminating in the VirtuallyThere product line.

About 6 years ago, I wrote a set of predictive stories about what life would be like 10 years out. Really interesting to go back to that time and see how much of that is on the way to actually happening: some of it – like 3d printers, are definitely moving along at a rapid clip. Others, not so much. I thought that you might find some of these interesting, so I’ll send them out in addition to my regular scheduled programming. Hope you enjoyed, and that it spurs some new thinking!