If you’ve wondering where I’ve been over the last little while I’ve been really busy 1) taking a vacation and 2) doing NaNoWriMo. If you’re not familiar with that its the acronym for National Novel Writing Month, where you’re supposed to power out at least 50000 words during the month of November which hopefully at the end resembles a novel.

When I first heard about NaNoWriMo (in the early 200os) I thought to myself, that’s a great idea – I should do that. I’ve always wanted to write – I used to write reams and reams of fiction longhand back in high school. Even before I learned to write, I remember sitting on my cousins knee, telling her stories which she wrote down while she was babysitting my brother and me. But every year, I always found some reason to put it off again and again.

This year, even though I had a number of things going on this month – I was determined to squeeze it in, no matter how hard ti was going to be. And you know what? It wasn’t that hard after all. Just had to re-prioritize a few things, get up a little earlier some days, and I found the time.

In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the time that was stopping me from doing it, it was the thought of not finishing. I figured, boy 50000 words is huge! Sometimes I struggle to write a measly blog post.

But once I’d started, I really got into it – writing up the characters, putting them in danger, and then eventually having them work their way out of it. I hesitated to start – because I didn’t think I could finish, when the reality was the opposite – once I started, I didn’t wan’t to stop. In fact, once I hit 50000 words early last week, there was still about 11000 words of story to go.

So if for some reason your holding back from starting anything, like for example, that startup idea that you’ve been sitting on for years, just get started on it. If you need to know how to code – learn how. If you need a graphic design, there’s plenty for designers out there who will give you ideas on the cheap. Or learn how. If you want to do a mobile app but have no idea, grab one of the many mobile app development platforms out there, and learn it. Of at the very least, write up a detailed spec and work on the kinks on paper.

My point is: at least start.  If you are reluctant to do even that – don’t be surprised if some startup pops up one day with a similar idea and you’ll be kicking yourself that you never took the plunge.

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