The Hard Way, Or The Easy Way?

easy-hardThere are so many entrepreneurs that I come across with fantastic business ideas, but a lot of them just take a hell of a lot of work – I just wonder why they persist at them, when there just seem to be so many other problems to solve and that aren’t as difficult.

Case in point: I was working with an entrepreneur awhile back who had, at first blush, a fantastic idea. It wasn’t mind blowing, world changing, but not a bad idea at all. First thing he wanted to do was rip out a prototype, which wouldn’t have been too difficult, but it did require that a key technical hurdle be met. So instead of doing that, we sat and went through the specs, the design and the market. As we kept on going, we realized that that great idea, would be really, really difficult to implement, had a tiny, low value market, and that the rest of the market actively wanted to maintain the status quo of terribleness.

In the end, I left the project, all attempts to convince the entrepreneur that this project was just too difficult, failed. He was focused on his vision, this difficult vision, and no one could sway him otherwise.

Take a look at your vision: are those roadblocks worth surmounting? Do you really have a product which serves a market with demand? It is not only a great idea, but one that people with money actually want? If you don’t meet that criteria, maybe you should be working on something else.