If You Aren’t Mobile, You Are Behind The Curve…

mobileapps2…and being behind the curve is not the place to be at the moment. There are new startups every day, each either carving a new place in the market with an interesting new product, or doing being an improved me-too startup.

If you’ve focused on making your web based experience awesome, that great – but you’ve probably not hit the biggest and growing section of the market – mobile users. In fact, a startup (or any business for that matter) without a mobile strategy, or at minimum, a mobile app, is in danger of being left in the dust.

What are you going to do? You can either a) either a kick ass mobile developer who’s probably in high demand at the moment because everyone is moving quickly to build mobile apps b) begin the arduous process of learning to build an app in Objective C for iOS, Java for Android, or one of the many all-in-one SDK’s like Titanium Appcelerator or PhoneGap, all of which really are truly arduous for the non-coder or c) use an app builder software, which will generate and submit apps for you, using a combination of things like CSS3, HTML5 & Javascript (AKA all-the-latest-mobile-tech). For simple apps (and more complex ones if you are willing to do a bit of b) above) there are plenty of great choices which can get you started off for free or a minimal fee.

Take for example one of the easiest to use and fully templated ones called appypie.com (Great name, but makes me hungry every time I hear it) – I personally created an app, a simple one mind you, but I created an app for for Android and iOS in less than 5 minutes. Now, I used the standard template that they gave me (and they have about 30 main templates – for everything from generic business templates, to fitness apps, to with about 27 modules that you can mix and match between them) and it would take longer if you’d like to put in your own custom images and really think about what your mobile app needs to do – but its a great way to get into having a mobile app quickly and for very low cost. I think the top price is about $33 a month for a true white label with no appypie branding and submission to all app stores etc. Good deal when you consider the typical cost of mobile app development.

It’s a great start for most startups who don’t have very complex mobile requirements from the beginning and may be all that you need. I haven’t dug too deep into more complex apps (I’m in the middle of two projects myself that need a mobile version and am considering appypie for one if not both of them) but I’ll likely test both of them through appypie and see if its suitable for either and report back.

I’m curious – what you all all use for you mobile development platform? I’m sure there’s plenty of hard core – native or fuggedaboudit folks out there – but for those others, what have you used successfully..?

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