Coding On Christmas?


Santa Could Use A New Laptop

Well, not actually coding, just throwing together a quick burndown list of what’s left to do on one of the many projects I’m working on. Don’t you love it when you’re working on something and you can’t stop thinking of great ideas for making it better? When this happens to me I have to pour it into Evernote or something, otherwise I’ll forget it. Of course, prior to the internet it would all be in those composition books all us engineering types love to write stuff in. I prefer mine blank so I can draw all sorts of things – I was never very good at following the lines anyways.

But I digress. I used to have a running joke with one of my colleagues – whenever he’d ping me or call me on the phone he’d say “You working?” and no matter when it was – whether I was driving, attending one of my kids MMA classes, or watching TV, or even actually even working, I’d say “Always!”

Truth is, I AM kind of always working. I think the very soul of a startup entrepreneur is just like that – no matter where we are or what we are doing, we have this little engine in our heads which is constantly churning out new ideas. I think everyone has that little engine – some of us purposely shut it down and other just ignore it. But that thing kicks out some great ideas – yes, even on Christmas Day.

So I say unto you – let your little engine let loose with those ideas, and write them down as soon as you get them – you never know if with a little development they might turn into the next multi-billion dollar idea.

Yes, even on Christmas.

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