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Work. Repeat. Win.

Repeat After Me

Repeat After Me

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how some startups get started and find traction I’ve been seeing some interesting patterns – namely one which seems to work in almost all cases, and that is simply repeating your message over and over and over until you get noticed.

Works for almost anything. If you blog, just blog like crazy and you will eventually get noticed. If you are an author, write and publish like crazy and eventually you will get noticed. If you are a musician, write, record and publish songs like crazy and you will get noticed. Just produce like crazy, and you will get noticed.

Famous blogger I know actually teaches a class where he says “just keep on blogging and eventually you’ll get noticed”.

The writers at a independent publishing house called Realm & Sands have put out a book called Write. Publish. Repeat. , where one of the key lessons they teach is: just keep writing. Produce like stink, get a ton of books out there, and eventually you will get noticed.

There is a little computer repair business near here called Cheap Squad who got customers by one of their founders posting their service on Craigslist 30 times a day! – after a while they got noticed.

I read in The Science of Marketing that there is really no such thing as over-tweeting. People who tweet more get seen more. And repeating the same or a similar tweet is actually a good idea, since some of your followers may have missed it at some point.

Of course, you old-line marketers out there will just say “but Chris, this is nothing new. Is what advertising is all about. If people see your message often enough and long enough, you will get customers” this is true. However, it used to be $$$ in order to get your message out. Now its free or cheap. Just requires labor. And if you produce content, no matter what kind of content it is, all you have to do is keep on producing it.

Moral: Work. Repeat. Win.

Not Everyone Is On The Net…

Oh Noes - How Can We Survive?

Oh Noes – How Can We Survive?

Back during the 2008 presidential campaign, I did a very short stint going door-to-door for Ron Paul (almost every house we hit they said “great ideas, but he will never win” – I always thought it was strange that that statement implies that people should vote for whoever they think will win instead of who they really feel is the right person) and I found out a very interesting fact, yes, even is what you’d think is super high tech Silicon Valley, a lot of people didn’t have internet, or they didn’t use internet for their news and entertainment. My compatriots knew this and had a DVD of Ron Paul’s speeches made up as a leave behind for those people.

Fast forward to today and you’re an independent media entrepreneur who’s got a Kickstarter campaign for a movie. The whole thing went really well, you’ve shot and edited and put the thing together and now you have to deliver a ton load of movies to your supporters. How do you do it? Well, its doubtful that they’d appreciate having to download it and get it somehow onto their TVs distributing over the internet – its not so easy and limiting your audience if you distribute via iTunes or Netflix. So what do you do?

You use something like DVD Replication by Idea Replication to press a create a pile of DVD’s, which you then mail to your supporters. Even with the tech we all have today – the best way to get big media to anyone is on DVD – this is until we finally have fiber and a billion gigabits every day to every home. Which will happen, but is still a few years away. Can’t wait, if you ask me.

For Those Who Bail From The Valley…

Home Page On the Range

Home Page On the Range

There’s plenty of people I know – usually some of my more radical libertarian and pacifist friends – who want to just get away from it all and live a much simpler existence, away from the craziness which is Silicon Valley. After all, even tiny houses are over half a million bucks here, and apartment rent is crazy expensive. You first notice that when most people drive around in nice cars, but live in tiny little shacks.

Plus, a lot of them have fairly secure jobs and/or are independent consultants who can telecommute. A few of them have even decided to move out of the country to Barcelona, or even Thailand, since they really can work from anywhere.

Some of the others I know sold their homes here and decided to move into the middle of the country, specifically remote locations where they can still get a big house and/or a lot of land – which they feel is great for their quality of life. However, they still need to be connected to the world – and in a lot of these more rural places, its difficult to get decent high speed internet – which of course is essential for these remote teleworkers – no internet connection – no work.

There is an option – a high speed satellite internet service through something like http://calera.biz, something even I pondered living here once when I realized that when my AT&T service went down for a few days my only options were that or Xfinity, neither of which I’m really happy with. I remember when these services used to be a lot slower than wired internet, but it looks like they’ve really kicked up the speed. In fact, next time I’m looking at switching I might give these guys a try, after all being a satellite service, they pretty much work anywhere. 

Yep, even surrounded by cows.

This has been a sponsored post for Calera.