For Those Who Bail From The Valley…

Home Page On the Range

Home Page On the Range

There’s plenty of people I know – usually some of my more radical libertarian and pacifist friends – who want to just get away from it all and live a much simpler existence, away from the craziness which is Silicon Valley. After all, even tiny houses are over half a million bucks here, and apartment rent is crazy expensive. You first notice that when most people drive around in nice cars, but live in tiny little shacks.

Plus, a lot of them have fairly secure jobs and/or are independent consultants who can telecommute. A few of them have even decided to move out of the country to Barcelona, or even Thailand, since they really can work from anywhere.

Some of the others I know sold their homes here and decided to move into the middle of the country, specifically remote locations where they can still get a big house and/or a lot of land – which they feel is great for their quality of life. However, they still need to be connected to the world – and in a lot of these more rural places, its difficult to get decent high speed internet – which of course is essential for these remote teleworkers – no internet connection – no work.

There is an option – a high speed satellite internet service through something like, something even I pondered living here once when I realized that when my AT&T service went down for a few days my only options were that or Xfinity, neither of which I’m really happy with. I remember when these services used to be a lot slower than wired internet, but it looks like they’ve really kicked up the speed. In fact, next time I’m looking at switching I might give these guys a try, after all being a satellite service, they pretty much work anywhere. 

Yep, even surrounded by cows.

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