Not Everyone Is On The Net…

Oh Noes - How Can We Survive?

Oh Noes – How Can We Survive?

Back during the 2008 presidential campaign, I did a very short stint going door-to-door for Ron Paul (almost every house we hit they said “great ideas, but he will never win” – I always thought it was strange that that statement implies that people should vote for whoever they think will win instead of who they really feel is the right person) and I found out a very interesting fact, yes, even is what you’d think is super high tech Silicon Valley, a lot of people didn’t have internet, or they didn’t use internet for their news and entertainment. My compatriots knew this and had a DVD of Ron Paul’s speeches made up as a leave behind for those people.

Fast forward to today and you’re an independent media entrepreneur who’s got a Kickstarter campaign for a movie. The whole thing went really well, you’ve shot and edited and put the thing together and now you have to deliver a ton load of movies to your supporters. How do you do it? Well, its doubtful that they’d appreciate having to download it and get it somehow onto their TVs distributing over the internet – its not so easy and limiting your audience if you distribute via iTunes or Netflix. So what do you do?

You use something like DVD Replication by Idea Replication to press a create a pile of DVD’s, which you then mail to your supporters. Even with the tech we all have today – the best way to get big media to anyone is on DVD – this is until we finally have fiber and a billion gigabits every day to every home. Which will happen, but is still a few years away. Can’t wait, if you ask me.