I guess I’m going to have to give up my kingdom since I think I may have said “My kingdom for a decent, share-able, to-do list app” since I think I may have finally found one….

A while back, one of my colleagues commented how his smartphone was his backup brain – that if he didn’t have that to throw things into, then we would forget most everything. I pretty much do the same thing, of course, as I get older I tend to put more and more into it – my current app for saving things like that is Evernote (which wasn’t my first choice – I loved catch.com, but they folded – there’s another example of how even a company with what seemed to me lots of traction couldn’t make headway against the market leader, Evernote.  I could go into a long diatribe about how once there is a market leader there is very little possibility that they can be unseated, but that a post for another time) but Evernote sucks at to do lists. Yes, notes can be to do lists, but real to do lists, and items on those lists are not notes.

Looked all over, tried using Evernote, tried using Google Keep, tried using Google Tasks, tried a bunch of others but nothing worked very well. Here were my requirements:

  • Web & mobile apps (for both iOS and Android) auto syncing
  • Ability for more than one person to use at one time
  • Assign tasks

Enter Asana : this app meets all of my requirements and more – and even better – its free. In addition to all of the above, it very cooly tracks everything which happens to your tasks, whether you change the due date, rename them, assign it to different people, move it to a different project – its a fantastic audit trail. Its free for teams of up to 15 people, so for my small team, it works great.

It has really helped in organizing things – now Asana is my backup brain for things that I need to do.

I pretty much say now that if it isn’t in Asana, then I don’t do it.

That’s a blog post for another time as well… time management by exclusion. Coming soon…!

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