Going to start a series where I profile an interesting new startup every Monday, or I’ll throw out some ideas for a startup that you might want to take up and run with – heck, I just love coming up with ideas and if I can’t do them myself, maybe you’ll find them interesting enough to do on your own.

As I was mentioning earlier, my wife and I have started going to a daily workout boot camp – not quite Crossfit but not quite a walk in the park either. After we were done, we wanted to go to the nearest Starbucks and grab a healthy (well mostly healthy) oatmeal breakfast, but for some reason the Starbucks was super busy that day and we weren’t able to sit in at our “normal” table, even though we were there most mornings.

So I got to thinking, is there a business model in generic booking of space for specific periods and specific times? And would people be willing to pay a premium to sit in that specific spot for that specific period?

If you think about it, it could almost be somewhat of an AirBnB for any physical spot, not necessarily a whole place to stay. Say you have an air conditioned house, and a spare room that you use as as office, but you are normally at work and your spouse is at home, but that room is unused. I can imagine an app/site where you can book out the space on an hourly basis, and people could come work at your home office for a few hours and bask in air conditioned comfort even if its 100 degrees plus out. Wouldn’t you pay a few bucks an hours (or much more) for that?

But that’s just one model. Restaurants could use it to reserve specific tables for customers, coffee shops could use it to reserve specific tables and chairs for people (once you book a table/space, the owner could pop a little reserved sign on it). If you show up or not, your space is paid for, so the owner gets a small rent for that spot for a specific period. Parking spaces, including your driveway, could be booked like that as well.

Something that would fit right into the sharing economy? Sharing is caring, right?

Would be great for ad-hoc workspaces and incubators as well. Can you think of anything else? Would be great if you could outline the pros and cons – why do you think this would work/not work?


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