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Google I/O : Quick Hits : Keynote

Google I/O kicked off in San Francisco yesterday, here’s a quick summary of what happened, for those of your who missed it… Android One Google announced a new mobile hardware platform for emerging markets (although one could argue that there is no such thing anymore) and beyond, Android One will enable phone manufacturers to create cost-efficient… Read More »

Predictive Analysis? May The Best Data Win!

Back when I worked at Yahoo! in ’07, we had some ideas like this, but we didn’t have the data to make it happen. This app seems to closely mimic the functionality in Google Now, which can and does predict things like when I need to leave for appointments, where I’m going next etc.. and give me… Read More »

Google AKA Microsoft 1999 AKA Apple With Jobs

Seeing Keep launched from Google yesterday reminded me of Microsoft circa 1999 – they’d already crushed everyone in the big app space – O/S, Desktop Apps (Office), Email (Outlook) and seemed to me were starting to think about picking off smaller players in niches – for example, launching Money to compete with Quicken, etc. Of course, we… Read More »

Mobile Outlook 2013: Android Dominates

Yet another indication of where the interesting new stuff and innovation is – I’m going to predict that in the short term (2-3 years) iPhone (yes, even newer versions) is heading to the same range as the Mac is – will likely get down to about 10% of the smartphone market – hardcore Apple fanboys/girls.… Read More »