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Why I’m Not Getting Apple Watch Anytime Soon

I used to work with such an Apple fanboy that he went out and bought the very first Cinema Display when it came out on the market. I think it set him back $12000 or so, which was probably a years rent for the guy at the time. I distinctly remember when we hired him… Read More »

Apple Watch: A Triumph Of Incremental Innovation

Always interested in bold new innovation, I watched with bated breath as the new Apple products were revealed this week – once again I was disappointed that Apple took the super safe, non-innovative route to simply copy their Android competitors and simply release a larger version of more or less the same thing, for the iPhone… Read More »

5 Ways To Have Sex With Your Apple iPhone

Yes, in this article, we will reveal 5 ways in which to have sex with your iPhone. Don’t worry, none of them require any special positions, unless of course you happen to be into any of those positions, that is. But before I do that, I’m curious, did you read this article BEFORE you forwarded it on? Pretty… Read More »

3 Things That The Apple iWatch Must Be

Apparently, Apple is planning to launch the mother of all wearables later this year, something that the rumor mill has dubbed the iWatch (of course it could also be the iBangle or the iWrist or something like that). If you can believe most of the reports, told breathlessly by Apple fanboys and fangirls alike, it… Read More »

Apple Misses The Innovation Sweet Spot

It’s rumored that the next iPhone will have a fingerprint sensor, a new processor and come in new colors, gold (!) and some others. If this is what passes for innovation at Apple nowadays, then I can totally understand the dour outlook on innovation from Apple. Look, I get that Steve Jobs was a smart… Read More »

Google AKA Microsoft 1999 AKA Apple With Jobs

Seeing Keep launched from Google yesterday reminded me of Microsoft circa 1999 – they’d already crushed everyone in the big app space – O/S, Desktop Apps (Office), Email (Outlook) and seemed to me were starting to think about picking off smaller players in niches – for example, launching Money to compete with Quicken, etc. Of course, we… Read More »

Mobile Outlook 2013: Android Dominates

Yet another indication of where the interesting new stuff and innovation is – I’m going to predict that in the short term (2-3 years) iPhone (yes, even newer versions) is heading to the same range as the Mac is – will likely get down to about 10% of the smartphone market – hardcore Apple fanboys/girls.… Read More »