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7 Reasons To Boycott The Listicle

Ok so this post really isn’t going to have 7 reasons to boycott the listicle, however I will talk about how and why the listicle is so popular. If you ask me, listicles are pure linkbait, and we should boycott them because, simply, they really do not contain any useful content. I would class the… Read More »

No Business Card? Seriously?

After navigating for 3 whole days the innards and outards of CES this year, I ended up with a nice stack of business cards from people who I talked to who built interesting technologies and services who I wanted to follow up with. Even though the show was huge and I made sure to hit… Read More »

Just Learn It

Back in 2009 after I left Yahoo!, I joined a startup which was focused on developing new ideas specifically for patent. The idea was that we would work with companies and help them to build out their patent portfolio in order to protect themselves from other companies and patent trolls. We started off thinking that… Read More »

Google Is Your Dad

Do you remember the days when you used to go to your dad – or your mom – or your extended older family – in order to get advice and information on things? Your dad seemed to know everything, right? If you had a question on almost everything – why is the sky blue –… Read More »

Don’t Go To College

In the very first episode of Silicon Valley on HBO, eccentric billionaire Peter Gregory is doing a TED Talk (of course, what else do eccentric billionaires do?) completely dissing the whole concept of going to college. He is heckled by someone in the audience, an older, white haired bearded gentleman who shouts that he’s a… Read More »

These Wearables Are Shocking

At the Glazed conference a few months ago, we were all told that the lifespan of the use of wearable devices was much, much shorter than say the lifespan of use of our smartphones. I think speaker after speaker mentioned something like 90 days to 9 months, then our wearables sit in a box, unused. (Personally, I’ve… Read More »

5 Ways To Have Sex With Your Apple iPhone

Yes, in this article, we will reveal 5 ways in which to have sex with your iPhone. Don’t worry, none of them require any special positions, unless of course you happen to be into any of those positions, that is. But before I do that, I’m curious, did you read this article BEFORE you forwarded it on? Pretty… Read More »

What’s Your Least Popular?

Over the last few months, I’ve been doing a little experiment with the long tail – whenever I go to a restaurant or a bar or any place where you can order something, I try to ask the opposite of what everyone else is asking, which is usually “what’s your most popular dish/drink etc” .… Read More »

Do It Daily: The Answer To Everything

My wife and I have been working out like fiends every day since last Wednesday (actually almost every day, since I think on both day 2 and day 5 we were both just too tired to get out of bed) – we’d signed up for a workout bootcamp, just to see if we can kick start… Read More »