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Copy This, A-Hole.

I am steaming mad as I write this. Sure, they all say, calm down, don’t write in anger, but I felt that I had to get my words out on the screen. A short while ago, I got accepted into the LinkedIn publisher program – I was very excited about this as I feel that LinkedIn… Read More »

Paying For The Perception Of Choice

Finally took the plunge and dropped my DirecTV subscription – I’ve been a subscriber of some manner of broadcast TV for, oh, I don’t know, forever, since I moved out of my parents house. Over the years, I’ve probably spent in excess of $30,000 for broadcast TV, assuming $500 per year when I first started… Read More »

Greece & Grand Canyon: Thoughts & Meanderings

We recently got back from a few family trips, which is why you haven’t heard from me for a while – we spent 2 weeks in Greece, visiting family and roaming around, then 4 days at the Grand Canyon, hiking and generally sightseeing. Great time was had by all and I made some interesting observations… Read More »

Journalism Is Dead : Can We Revive It Via The Crowd?

I few months ago, I discovered what I thought was a really cool new newsmagazine site called Quartz at At first I was drawn in by the cool design, interesting tech articles etc so I decided to subscribe in order to keep up with the site. They had a “daily brief” which summarized all… Read More »

Are We Seeing A 3D Backlash?

After making it the default setting to always see the 3D version of any big budget sci-fi, superhero, big bang bang action movies if its available, I’ve made the decision to stop – after seeing Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness in 3D, and planning on seeing Pacific Rim, I don’t think… Read More »

How To Annoy Your Customers, FedEx Style

Hot on the heels of my last post on annoying your customers, here’s another good one. So we finally received our FitBit Flex devices on Monday, but they were in our city on Friday, but just sitting, cooling their heels. Here we are, after waiting for months, with FedEx now teasing us that the devices are here,… Read More »

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Its Not Who You Know, Its Who Knows You

As a student of the “success marketplace” (otherwise known as reading a ton of success books over the course of my life) I came to one revelation last week which of course is probably blindingly obvious to almost everyone. Everyone, and I mean everyone, who is successful, got a lucky break at one point in… Read More »

Do What You Love & The Money Will Follow?

Back about 8 years ago, some colleagues and I were discussing this very issue: that many people are very talented in areas in which they can’t really make a living, so they spend time in a “day job” which they may or may not like, but pays the bills while they pursue their true passion. At the… Read More »

Bravo On The Whole WFH Thing, Marissa

While I personally do not agree with the whole new stance on working from home that Marissa Mayer is about to implement at Yahoo!, I have to say it was a great publicity stunt. In almost every meeting I’ve been having over that last while the topic of discussion seems to wander over to Marissa’s… Read More »