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Blogs Are Dead

Of course, since this article will also be appearing on my blog at some point, I’m sure that some of you will accuse me of being a hypocrite – I suppose there are still a very few reasons for having a blog. My contention is that if you are starting a business today, unless it is something… Read More »

Facebook: The Good, Bad & Ugly

As one of the 5 sites most people use to experience the internet, Facebook has really strayed from its original purpose. Now, I’m all for a company making money, as a miniscule shareholder I applaud that, but on the flip side, it’s made using Facebook, at least for me, pretty excruciating. The Bad : The… Read More »

Making Games & Social Networks Useful

I used to play games all the time – even though I enjoy gaming – I haven’t had a chance to play anything for the longest time (used to be a huge World of Warcraft player – still have a level 66 Paladin I haven’t seen in a while) – i just find that spending… Read More »