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Droning About Drones

Something that was in huge supply at CES were drones – little itty-bitty drones which can fit in the palm of your hand (the Nixie and the ZANO) all the way to huge drones which could deliver packages (I wonder if Amazon will be shipping via drone anyways, even though they said they weren’t – its… Read More »

The Future Is Magic

It’s funny – a lot of times when people think about the future – they think about super futuristic cities, super streamlined cars and all sorts of visible technology in the forefront. If I had a penny for all of the videos and images of the future which I think are completely wrong, then I’d… Read More »

Google Is Your Dad

Do you remember the days when you used to go to your dad – or your mom – or your extended older family – in order to get advice and information on things? Your dad seemed to know everything, right? If you had a question on almost everything – why is the sky blue –… Read More »

The Future Of Work

  Are you still working in a company where everyone comes into the same office, Monday to Friday, generally from 9-5? Does your CEO frown on telecommuting or outsourcing? Are you clinging to outmoded ways of working, since its what you’ve always done? Back in 2002, I read a book called “Free Agent Nation” by… Read More »

Does Hyperpersonalization Impede Innovation?

  I was at a conference the other day about the future of the enterprise. Of course, my crazy futurist side kept on talking about how the enterprise itself is an outmoded concept of work, and in the not too distant future, all types of work will be carried out by more loosely connected individuals,… Read More »

Automation Is The Key To The Future

You guys! Remember The Jetson’s when George used to get home and his car would drop him onto a chair which was being pulled along by conveyor belt and he got given pretty much everything as he went by, even the slippers put on his feet by his loving wife? Some people have recently been… Read More »

Are You Ready For A Seamless World?

As I was driving to pick up my son from school the other day, I noticed I was running late, so I used Google Now to text him and tell him I was running late. It was probably more dangerous than actually texting – the voice command to say “text so-and-so” worked great, but when… Read More »

Future Food: We’ll Know The Full Supply Chain

Recently, I started watching Portlandia (funny show you should catch it – its on Netflix), a satirical sketch comedy show which sends up over the top idealism, organicness and tree hugging rampant in places like Portland (although San Francisco is not without its share of same – maybe that why I find the show so… Read More »

Self Driving Cars From Google

Who needs cars when we have a fleet of these at the ready? Are you ready for seamless travel? About 10 years from now, the local travel experience could be completely different – for some that is – those that simply see cars as an object which can take them from point A to point… Read More »

6 Reasons Your Company Is Not Innovating

Too often, the whole concept of innovation, and I mean, real, true innovation, is kind of a foreign thing to many companies. They treat their whole innovation function as simply a marketing play, not even an R&D play. They spend a ton of money, time and resources to develop cool new things, only to kill… Read More »