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Do It Daily: The Answer To Everything

My wife and I have been working out like fiends every day since last Wednesday (actually almost every day, since I think on both day 2 and day 5 we were both just too tired to get out of bed) – we’d signed up for a workout bootcamp, just to see if we can kick start… Read More »

A Week Of Ultra Productivity

Recently I’ve read a number of articles on productivity, success and tracking – probably triggered by my new years resolution to pack more into each day. To that end – I’m going to attempt an “experiment in ultraproductivity” – over the next week – starting now I will: track every waking moment – using Timesheet,… Read More »

Planning Vs. Resilience

If life is change, then how does planning work? I firmly believe that there are two core ways in which to run your life. You can either: Plan everything out to the Nth degree, and hope nothing upsets your plan Expect that something will happen to ruin what you are doing, and be able to… Read More »

Its Not Who You Know, Its Who Knows You

As a student of the “success marketplace” (otherwise known as reading a ton of success books over the course of my life) I came to one revelation last week which of course is probably blindingly obvious to almost everyone. Everyone, and I mean everyone, who is successful, got a lucky break at one point in… Read More »

Do What You Love & The Money Will Follow?

Back about 8 years ago, some colleagues and I were discussing this very issue: that many people are very talented in areas in which they can’t really make a living, so they spend time in a “day job” which they may or may not like, but pays the bills while they pursue their true passion. At the… Read More »