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Future News:How I Moved To Africa & Kept My Job

Dateline 11/11/2018: Gaborone, Botswana: When John Smith’s wife was transferred to the University of Botswana here as a Professor of Archaeology, he assumed that he would have to quit his lucrative position as Lead Engineer at IndieCaster, Inc, based in Silicon Valley, California, and find employment in Gaborone, which would not normally be an issue,… Read More »

Future News:Public Shaming Ruled Illegal

Des Moines, IA, United States: In this Midwestern town, one of the first cities which experimented with a new method of deterrence, the local city government today made illegal the new/old practice of public shaming. If you haven’t read the stories on this trend that has been sweeping the country, a number of smaller cities… Read More »

Future News:Why Shop Alone: How Buying With Friends Works

Milan, Italy: When Rose Manetti shops, it’s never alone. This junior designer for Versace spends plenty of time perusing the shops, looking for that unique look for herself and for ideas for her designs. “I’m always out looking for ideas” she says, “and not just at clothing shops, everything is my inspiration, art galleries, museums,… Read More »

Future News:Cancer Patient Turns 90

Dateline: 11/4/2018: Ciudad de México, México: Maria Fuentes, who was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer 10 years ago, and given 6 months to live at the time, welcomed family and friends for her 90th birthday yesterday. “I am so happy God gave Merck the ability to help me live with this disease. I love the… Read More »

Future News:New Food Labels To Be Online Only

Dateline 11/1/2018: Washington, DC, United States: Everyone knows how difficult it can be to determine a foods carbon footprint from the labeling – what with nutritional information, pesticide, allergy and carbon footprint labeling on each and every food product, either packaging sizes have to increase, which is anti-ethical to the reduction of waste, or another… Read More »

Future News : Indie Media Producers Surpass Disney

Dateline 10/22/2018 – Hollywood, CA, United States: In this stunning report from, which only a few years ago began to report earnings from what was formerly known as User Generated Content or UGC, and is now widely known as Indie Media, the combined earnings from independent video producers, for the first time ever, outweighed… Read More »

Future News : Community Comes Together To Rebuild Bridge

Dateline 10/8/2018 – Harrison, Idaho, United States: What happens when the bridge connecting your community to the nearest city collapses and the city government is too under resourced to help? The local community comes together to rebuild it. About a year ago, the town of Harrison, Idaho was cut off from their nearest city Coeur… Read More »