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100% Of Business Is Following Up

The quote “80 percent of life is showing up” is widely attributed to Woody Allen, although the authority of the internet, Wikipedia, doesn’t confirm it – personally I think its true. But in business, showing up 100% of the time is table stakes. What I do see too much of though is a lack of… Read More »

6 Ways To Not Fall Asleep In Meetings

Actually, I’ve nearly done it a number of times. And you have to wonder, is it me, or is it the meeting? A little while back, I read a blog post by someone who shall remain nameless. He was commenting that he would have to try and figure out how to work with people he… Read More »

6 Steps To Ultra Productivity

Are you always feeling like time is getting away from you? Do you always feel like you are behind on things? A little while back, I gave you guys a little glimpse into how I stay productive and deal with emails (One Tip To Get To Inbox Zero) and how I organize my todo list (Finally, A… Read More »

Finally, A Decent, Shareable Todo App

I guess I’m going to have to give up my kingdom since I think I may have said “My kingdom for a decent, share-able, to-do list app” since I think I may have finally found one…. A while back, one of my colleagues commented how his smartphone was his backup brain – that if he… Read More »