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Copy This, A-Hole.

I am steaming mad as I write this. Sure, they all say, calm down, don’t write in anger, but I felt that I had to get my words out on the screen. A short while ago, I got accepted into the LinkedIn publisher program – I was very excited about this as I feel that LinkedIn… Read More »

Greece & Grand Canyon: Thoughts & Meanderings

We recently got back from a few family trips, which is why you haven’t heard from me for a while – we spent 2 weeks in Greece, visiting family and roaming around, then 4 days at the Grand Canyon, hiking and generally sightseeing. Great time was had by all and I made some interesting observations… Read More »

Happy Birthday to Sarah Palin and Thomas Edison!

It turns out Thomas Edison and Sarah Palin share a birthday, and it’s today, February 11. At first glance these two might not seem to have much in common. Edison held more than a thousand patents, including those for the phonograph, the stock ticker, and the electric light bulb. Palin was governor of Alaska for… Read More »

Tron: Legacy

I saw Tron: Legacy last weekend with my sons and I really, really wanted to like it I loved the visuals and I can’t get enough of the music Daft Punk Rulez! For some reason, I can’t stop thinking that the music and the visuals could have done such a better job if the story… Read More »

Job Tips

I just got back from a meeting where the other person I was meeting with asked me if I knew anyone at Facebook. I said sure and she told me that her husband was looking to get a job there and if I could pass on his info. I said sure, then proceeded to download… Read More »

Endless Warranty

We needed to return an electronic thermometer to Williams-Sonoma because it had stopped working about a year after we got it. Actually, it more kind of went crazy, switching between two temperatures and being completely inaccurate. The salesperson said that normally they only give out 90 day warranties for electronics, but I wondered why? I… Read More »