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Not Everyone Is On The Net…

Back during the 2008 presidential campaign, I did a very short stint going door-to-door for Ron Paul (almost every house we hit they said “great ideas, but he will never win” – I always thought it was strange that that statement implies that people should vote for whoever they think will win instead of who… Read More »

For Those Who Bail From The Valley…

There’s plenty of people I know – usually some of my more radical libertarian and pacifist friends – who want to just get away from it all and live a much simpler existence, away from the craziness which is Silicon Valley. After all, even tiny houses are over half a million bucks here, and apartment… Read More »

Give To Get:Social Media Promotion From Zero

If you ask me, the most difficult thing about getting your start up off the ground, is not coming up with the idea. It’s not even developing the idea. I mean with all of the fantastic computer languages that are out there, the development frameworks, the amazing amount of developers out there, there really is… Read More »

Survival Tools For The Connected Hiker

I love hiking. About every other weekend my kids and I pick a different hiking trail around here in the Bay Area. We’ve been off on short hikes for about an hour long with others about three hours long would never do anything super-long. Until last weekend of course, when I stupidly, did not pick… Read More »

Marketing Your Music Is Tough

I love SoundCloud – if you ask me its almost like a YouTube for audio – its a great place for musicians and other aspiring sound makers – like podcasters – to show off their talents. I’m a big proponent of the long tail – all of those indie publishers with great music never used… Read More »

Cash Flow Is King

In the land of the lean startup, cash flow is king. The key is to get only as much money as you need (even if you have to use cash advances from credit cards, loans from friends and family, or even home equity loans to start your business), and stretch whatever you get as far… Read More »

Mobile Development Is Hard

No matter how you look at it – it’s difficult to build for mobile devices. Maybe this all came about from Steve Jobs wanting to make some of the work he did with the NeXT Computer relevant, like Objective-C, which first was mass marketed via his NeXT and NeXTCUBE computers. The OS which ran the… Read More »

A Shortcut To Startup Promotion

A while ago, I mentioned that one of the most key things that your startup desperately needs, apart from a great idea, a decent design and great execution is promotion. Remember my tale of startup embarrassment? Even though we had an extremely useful product and a good design, my partners hesitated to promote the product.… Read More »