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Power: The Real Innovation Issue

One of the things I’ve keenly been made aware of lately, after having toured the Tesla plant and seeing what they are working, to the devices we have in our pockets and on our wrists, to the Apple Watch and the many upon many little booths at CES hawking solutions for this problem, it seems… Read More »

Startups Fail Too, You Know

I’ve been listening to a number of startup podcasts lately after seeing a listicle (can’t believe that that is a real word now) on the top startup podcasts you should be listening to, and the tone is just so optimistic on all of them. Everyone is wonderfully successful, has just the right partners, has great traction,… Read More »

2015: The Year Of YOLO

I love the term YOLO*, of course, not before you do some kind of physically dangerous thing like jumping off your roof with an umbrella to see if you can fly. (Everyone knows you need a cape for that.) No, I mean more like a mentally or psychically dangerous thing. I love thinking YOLO because its… Read More »

Do It Differently

Apologies to Apple, but isn’t “Think Differently” more grammatically correct? When I was in elementary school, I used to get teased incessantly because of my last name. Kids would surround me in the playground and chant my name over and over and make faces at me. I guess at the time my last name was kinda… Read More »

Hell Is Other Founders?

Apologies to Jean-Paul Sartre but as someone who’s run a few startups of my own, I can sometimes agree. Sometimes I really think that one can do it on their own – but that takes a very special combination of skills in order to be successful. Most of us need co-founders, but sometimes they are more trouble that… Read More »

Startup Monday: Save My Spot

Elevator Pitch: Reserve any space by the hour Going to start a series where I profile an interesting new startup every Monday, or I’ll throw out some ideas for a startup that you might want to take up and run with – heck, I just love coming up with ideas and if I can’t do them myself,… Read More »

Online Reputation: Hot Or Not?

A few years ago, I envisioned an online reputation service like this one – thinking that at some point, for some people, anonymity would be less and less important. That being a known quantity, being someone with an excellent reputation, would have to extend to one’s online presence. The idea was that someone like an… Read More »

Yo, Maybe Your App Isn’t Stupid Enough?

Maybe you’ve busted your ass, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, imaging, creating, honing and developing your product or service, painstakingly developing user stories, creating beautiful user interfaces, making sure that the flow is intuitive, developing rock solid back ends, then launching your product, only to see it downloaded a few times.… Read More »

Uber Valued At $18b? Bubble Time

Uber just raised $1.2B in cash thus valuing the company at around $18B, which if you ask me, is nuts for something which nearly literally is no different from a taxi service. I can’t imagine what makes Uber worth the money – is it the fact that it’s breaking up the unionized, city run hegemonies… Read More »

WhatsApp Is A Black Swan

A long time ago, back before a time which we aren’t supposed to talk about (pre 2007), I used to have a podcast which talked about many different things, among them the future, innovation and politics, which I recorded on the road in the car on my way to work. I would rant and rave… Read More »