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Power: The Real Innovation Issue

One of the things I’ve keenly been made aware of lately, after having toured the Tesla plant and seeing what they are working, to the devices we have in our pockets and on our wrists, to the Apple Watch and the many upon many little booths at CES hawking solutions for this problem, it seems… Read More »

These Wearables Are Shocking

At the Glazed conference a few months ago, we were all told that the lifespan of the use of wearable devices was much, much shorter than say the lifespan of use of our smartphones. I think speaker after speaker mentioned something like 90 days to 9 months, then our wearables sit in a box, unused. (Personally, I’ve… Read More »

3 Ways To Kill Innovation

In order for a culture of innovation to thrive at your company, you need to do much than simply say that you are innovative or that you support innovation. Innovation can be in all of your talk, but it needs to be in your walk otherwise it will walk out of that door. Here are… Read More »

One Tip To Get To Inbox Zero

Normally, I don’t talk productivity tips here on thinkfuture, but this time I felt that I had to share my “one crazy tip” for getting yourself down to “inbox zero” Now, we all know what that is, right? That state of bliss that you can only achieve by having ZERO unread messages in all of… Read More »

Online Reputation: Hot Or Not?

A few years ago, I envisioned an online reputation service like this one – thinking that at some point, for some people, anonymity would be less and less important. That being a known quantity, being someone with an excellent reputation, would have to extend to one’s online presence. The idea was that someone like an… Read More »

RIP: Windows XP

I was at COMDEX  in Las Vegas when Bill Gates strode purposefully onto the stage back in 1995 and did a demo of Windows 95. I still remember thinking that I saw beads of sweat on his brow when he was demoing that “brand spanking new Plug and Play technology” (which at the time Apple had already nailed). Bill plugged… Read More »

A Week Of Ultra Productivity

Recently I’ve read a number of articles on productivity, success and tracking – probably triggered by my new years resolution to pack more into each day. To that end – I’m going to attempt an “experiment in ultraproductivity” – over the next week – starting now I will: track every waking moment – using Timesheet,… Read More »