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One Tip To Get To Inbox Zero

Normally, I don’t talk productivity tips here on thinkfuture, but this time I felt that I had to share my “one crazy tip” for getting yourself down to “inbox zero” Now, we all know what that is, right? That state of bliss that you can only achieve by having ZERO unread messages in all of… Read More »

Work. Repeat. Win.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how some startups get started and find traction I’ve been seeing some interesting patterns – namely one which seems to work in almost all cases, and that is simply repeating your message over and over and over until you get noticed. Works for almost anything. If you blog,… Read More »

Occam’s Razor Sharp Code Or Nothing

A while back, I had to step into a project which had been going on for a while which needed saving – the code was spaghetti, so convoluted and rife with dependencies and weird things. The developer went over the top, adding layer after layer of complexity to what should have been a simple thing,… Read More »

Always Have A Backup Strategy

A wise man told me once “Always have a backup strategy” – I think he told me this a few weeks before our division was canned and the management of our entire operation was moved out of Toronto and back to Calgary, and no we weren’t asked if we wanted to relocate. Luckily, even though… Read More »

Job Tips

I just got back from a meeting where the other person I was meeting with asked me if I knew anyone at Facebook. I said sure and she told me that her husband was looking to get a job there and if I could pass on his info. I said sure, then proceeded to download… Read More »