98: Disrupting Education: Doing Away With History & Geography

Australia decides to replace history and geography in elementary school with coding – good to see some real disruption going on in education

97: Waste Some Time – One Way We Innovate

Do you look at your day and you are totally booked solid with no time to waste? This may be why you are not innovating. Chris explains why one way to innovate is to purposely waste time

96: Stop Planning Now

Looking to prepare for the future? Then maybe instead of planning everything out, maybe focus on being resilient instead.

95: Take The Maze Backwards

One Way We Innovate – One of the ways we innovate in our workshops – take the maze backwards.

94: How To Beat The Upcoming Recession

How To Beat the Upcoming Recession? This is the absolute perfect time to run an internal, crowdsourced, innovation program.

93: Embrace The Future. Don’t Fear It

Will the future be awesome, or will it suck? Chris talks about social media 10 years out, and what the world will be like, and how we might feel about it.

92: Your Career in Turmoil? Do A Startup

If you want REAL stability in your work life, you MUST start your own business. Being an entrepreneur returns the control of your life back to YOU.

91: Time to Stop Ignoring Micro Innovations

Many people feel that innovation must be a huge, game-changing, life altering event. That when you run an innovation program, that it must create new technologies or new innovations in completely new areas. That it must be disruptive in order to be great. Unfortunately, if you are only looking for the big game changers, you might miss the building blocks of the game changers: micro-innovations. Micro-innovations can be small innovations which, when coupled with others, change the game, or simply small, new ways of doing things which can help unlock new kinds of creative thinking.

90: Growth Through Innovation

Worried about the seemingly forthcoming recession of 2016? Now is the time to double-down on your innovation program – now is the time to grow through innovation

89: Augmented Vs Virtual Reality – Its A Cycle and Reality Always Wins

Who will win in a war between virtual and augmented reality? Whenever we create virtual things, they are always surpassed by real things. Modifying real things, be it sounds, brains or reality, always wins.


88: Are We Moving from Individuals to A Collective?

In this episode, Chris asks the question – have we lost our individuality to the collective – and if so how will that change the nature of everything that we do when it comes to people? Will all decisions now require the crowd to chime in?

87: Is The Era of Apps Over?

Thinking about building the next app which will take over the world and be the next billion-dollar startup? Think again – apps are giving way to smart agents of the seamless world – technology will serve us instead of the other way around.

86: The Upside of Upset

Chris discusses how we could have the future of our dreams, if only we would be willing to be upset and embrace change.

85: Talentism and The End Of The 9-5 Work Week

In the future of work, having multiple jobs will be a normal thing that we will all be doing. We should prepare for the future.

84: It’s A Great Day: We Can All Now Invest in Startups

Finally – it took 80 years to remove the restriction that only rich people could invest in startups. Two years ago Obama signed the JOBS act and just a few days ago, the SEC finally allowed it to be so. Now anyone can invest in startups.

83: In What Gear Are You Innovating?

Chris talks about the speed differences in innovating within enterprises and startups

82: The Best Interface Is No Interface, And Other Future Thoughts

Chris talks about the future, focusing on interfaces and the seamless world

81: Try Honesty: Do You Lie to Your Prospects and Customers

In this day, with millions of both professional and amateur researchers out there on the internet, you can’t deceive anyone for long.

80: Startup Founders: 5 Tips to Think Poor

Want to make your money stretch as a startup founder? Chris outlines 5 tips

79: Introverts: The Next Big Growth Market

We are building a huge new market of introverts – what kind of products and services can we build for them?

78: The Future of Education

Are you a student? Then this episode will hit home – Chris talks about the future of education, and how our current system needs to be disrupted

77: An Open Letter to New Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

IMHO, Twitter should go back to its roots and not try to emulate every other social network out there

76: Don’t Be Afraid to Pivot

if your customer demand is moving away from your original vision, don’t be afraid to move that way too.

75: Is Interesting a Bad Thing?

If you are told that you have an interesting background, is that a bad thing?

74: Do We Really Need Innovation?

Do we really need to innovate? Seems like sometimes, innovation is the first thing to go when times are tough, but that’s when you need it the most.

73: Being Bigger Doesn’t Make You Less Creative

Just because your company grows doesn’t mean that you become less innovative. All you need is a really good internal innovation program with clear communications and a path for these ideas to product or patent.

72: It’s Like 1999 All Over Again

Have we seen this before? People are accepting equity instead of cash for their services, hoping that they win the startup lottery

71: Invention Startup Quirky Goes Bankrupt – Is This the End Of Crowd Innovation?

The invention startup Quirky just filed for bankruptcy, what does that mean for the fate of crowd based innovation.

70: Is The World of Work Getting Better or Worse?

Why are some companies treating their employees better than others? It’s a battle between the future of work and the past of work

69: Go Big or Go Home: Risk Taking Makes The Difference

In order for your startup to succeed or create disruptive innovation you need to take risks, sometimes big ones.

68: The Worst Job I Ever Had

Chris talks about the first job he ever had, and while physically demanding, its wasn’t the worst job he’s ever had

67: Time Off Is For Wimps

In the current world of work, work has exploded into LEGO blocks that we fit into life, not the other way around

66: It’s The Product, Stupid!

It’s not very hard to figure out why most startups fail – no one really wanted what they were selling

65: Innovating with Acquihires? Don’t.

Don’t look externally for innovation first – it might end up costing you more than you think

64: At Apple, Innovation Has Finally Left the Building (Or Saucer)

Chris goes through Apples 9/9/2015 product announcements step-by-step and its true: innovation has finally left the building. Making something bigger, smaller, or copying Microsoft Surface is not innovation

63: Your Grandkids Won’t Need to Know How To Drive

In the future, your grandkids will not need to know how to drive – in fact they won’t even own cars anymore

62: Need 100 Startup Ideas? Check Your Living Room

Looking for a business idea? Combine people helping people with stuff just lying around doing nothing and you might be riding another unicorn

61: Success Requires Butt Kicking

Don’t let anyone tell you what your definition of success should be, don’t just be happy with what you have – strive for more and get someone to kick your butt if you can’t do it yourself

60: Innovation from Unlikely Places

When you think innovation, do you typically think Silicon Valley, because there are plenty of other interesting hotbeds of innovation out there, like Africa

59: Popularity Is Not Relevancy

Just because something is popular, it doesn’t mean that its relevant – Chris goes into detail on how the 5 big portals to the internet have choked off relevancy in lieu of popularity

58: Happy Windows 10 Day and A Few Words on Gigster

If you ask me, all of this hype over operating systems is overrated – they should just blend into the background and let you access your apps. And a few words on a new software development service called Gigster

57: Are You Innovating with Acquihires Instead of Internally?

Instead of innovating by buying up interesting companies, maybe you should look internally and see what interesting billion dollar ideas your own employees are cooking up.

56: 5 Ways to Build a Billion Dollar Business

Looking to build your own billion-dollar business? Chris outlines 5 ways in which billion dollar businesses leverage traits inherit in humanity in order to provide services that appeal to everyone.

55: Where Is the Innovation In The Smartphone Space?

If you look at the current state of innovation in the smartphone space, very little new stuff is happening. Where are the folding epaper digital assistants?

54: To Be Innovative, Lead Your Employees to Serendipity

How do you foster a culture of innovation via serendipity? Well, first of all you don’t force your employees to come to work, work in the same location, day-in, day-out. You don’t keep their noses to the grindstone at their jobs the entire time they are at work. You don’t have them sit in endless, repeated meetings over and over again

53: Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Chris goes into some detail on giving up, and why you shouldn’t

52: Interfaces Are the New People Faces

Your social network persona is now you

51: Applauding Jobs Lost Through Automation

Lost your job due to technology? Great – now you are free to be more human

50: Silicon Valley Magic Dust

How Can We Change the World for The Better – Disrupt The Old Ways and Put People First

49: Automation Is Awesome

As the ATM made life so much easier, what else can we automate

48: Mobile Interfaces Need Context

One of the biggest failings of mobile devices is that they don’t change based on where they are

47: Time to Jump into The Sharing Economy

Stand in your living room and look around: Bet there are at least 100 on-demand sharing economy businesses to start

46: Stop Spending Time On Things You Hate

Are you living your dream? If not, now is the time

45: Why I’m Not Buying an Apple Watch Just Yet

Why I’m Not Buying an Apple Watch Just Yet

44: Innovation Is a Mindset

Big and Old companies seem to be less innovative than Small and Young ones, but that’s just the mindset

43: Stop Running for Airplanes

Are you throwing stuff out without any kind of user testing?

42: Heaven and Hell Is Other People

Is Hell Other People, as Jean-Paul Sartre famously said? Or are they heaven? Both, actually.

41: There Has Never Been a Better Time To Create

Time to Create – the tools out there now make it super easy for anyone to create

40: Ageism in Silicon Valley

Ageism is not really much of a deep dark secret in Silicon Valley

39: Startup Success Requires Idea, Execution and Timing

Back in 2007, we came up with something like Meerkat, but both the technology and the market weren’t ready for it yet.

38: The Architecture of the Future

In the future, our homes will be designed around our lives, not the other way around.

37: Your Car Is Now a Consumer Electronic

Will we start upgrading our cars as often as we upgrade our smartphones?

36: Remove The Human Improve the Experience?

Have you noted that when you remove the human, you improve the experience? Where else can humans be removed in your business in order to improve your customers experience?

35: Agile Is Eating the World

Is agile software development eating the world, or is life finally infecting software development, and the “ACTUALLY” contest continues

34: Boycotting The Listicle and Apple Gets into Cars

We should boycott the listicle; I mean have you ever learned anything from a listicle? Also, Apple gets into cars and the “ACTUALLY” contest continues.

33: For Valentines: Where Is the Perfect Dating App?

Considering that mating is one of the core things that humans do, I’m surprised that no one has invented the perfect dating app yet. Startup founders, time to figure this one out.

32: Let’s Make Startup Reporting Fair and Balanced

Let’s Make Startup Reporting Fair and Balanced

31: More Visibility Tips for Your Startup

Stalking the influencers, seeding, virality. Don’t be intimidated!

30: Startup Success: Visibility First

What is the single most important thing your startup needs? VISIBILITY

29: Startup Failures

Why does no one ever talk about failed startups?

28: Tech Startups 101, Plus The New Sales Approach

Tech Startups 101, Plus The New Sales Approach

27: No Business Card? Seriously?

No Business Card? Seriously?

26: Google Glass We Hardly Knew Ya

Google Glass We Hardly Knew Ya

25: Droning On About Drones

Droning On About Drones

24: Big Brothering Ourselves at CES

Big Brothering Ourselves at CES

23: 2015: The Year of YOLO

2015: The Year of YOLO

22: Facebook Wins the Login Wars

Facebook Wins the Login Wars

21: Blogs Are Dead

Do You Really Need a Blog?

20: Startup Monday: Save My Domain

Startup Monday: Save My Domain

19: The Most Disruptive Innovation Is…

The Most Disruptive Innovation Is…

18: The Future Is Magic

The Future Is Magic

17: Google Is Your Dad

Google Is Your Dad

16: A Seamless World

A Seamless World

15: The Uber Effect

The Uber Effect

14: The Future of Work

The Future of Work

13: Is Ello the Future OF the Social Network?

Is Ello the Future of the Social Network?

12: Apple Watch: A Triumph of Incremental Innovation

Apple Watch: A Triumph of Incremental Innovation

11: Hyperpersonalization Deters Innovation

Hyperpersonalization will keep us in a safe cocoon of content. Pull off the feedbag of content and feed yourself for a change

10: Haircuts, Pie and Cupcakes

Does your startup serve a need or a want?

9: You Only Really Need One Skill

If you have this one skill, you can do anything

8: Planning Vs. Resilience

7: Don’t Let the Law Stop You

There were plenty of businesses which were originally illegal – don’t let that stop you from exploring them

6: Time to Disrupt Education

Looking for another area to develop some disruptive innovation? Try education, its way past ripe.

5: A String of Failed Startups Is Better Than None

Even if your startup is embarrassing, launch it anyway

4: Bring Back the Long Tail!

For too long, we’ve neglected it – time to bring it back and connect everyone to everyone

3: Cyborgs R Us

If you think about it – we are already cyborgs, we just need to realize that fact

2: Party Like a Rock Star

In the wake of Googles $258M investment in Uber, I wonder what other kinds of rock star experiences can be brought to market?

1: Innovation Is Dangerous

A business without an innovation group or program is like royalty with no heir: it’s the end of the line