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I’m Chris Kalaboukis, good to meet you. I blog on innovation, startups, technology, design & the future, not necessarily those and not necessarily in that order. For more like this, please follow me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn


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Strategic thinker (built technology, IP & product strategies for both startups and major corporates), prolific inventor (51 issued patents and 113 pending), exceptional manager (built and managed teams of engineers from 3-30), experienced technologist (architected, developed and launched a multitude of apps including Ruby on Rails and C#) and serial entrepreneur (led a number of startups from inception to launch).


  • Strategy: Proficient at developing technology and product strategy via predictive ability and creative forward thinking modelling. Developed IP strategy for major multinational corporates
  • Management: Experienced at building and leading high energy, collaborative and productive teams to success by creating a vision they could trust and empowering each team member to reach their full potential. Team sizes up to 30. Worked with Agile and non-agile (waterfall, SDLC) environments.
  • Technology: Developed detailed, understandable application specifications to communicate functionality to all team members and stakeholders, drive to architect, develop and launch applications. Architected and coded applications in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, C# and ASP on OSX, Ubuntu, Windows, iOS & Android for both front and backend, hosted both locally and on cloud services such as Heroku & AWS. Able to rapidly envision and build applications and tools as required to solve business needs.
  • Innovation & Product Development: Generated hundreds of ideas leading to both product and patent. Inventor on 51 patents with 113 applications in progress
  • Problem Solver: Highly proficient at solving unforeseen issues quickly and cost effectively. Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Communications: Excellent communication skills with both technical and non-technical personnel (verbal & written). Author specifications, white papers, proposals and reports and spoken to groups up to 800. Communicate effectively at multiple levels with a diverse audience of clients, executives and partners. Effectively function as a liaison between business and technical groups to solidify requirements.
  • Style: Strong organizational skills. Proactive and entrepreneurial spirit. Collaborative style.


Symbio, Inc.

Provide technology strategy, solutions architecture and innovation management for this $400MM global consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company with over 400 customers in 8 verticals. Customers and projects run the gamut from financial services, to game development, to telecom and technology.

  • Managing solutions architecture and engineering teams, both on and offshore, to envision, develop and prototype applications.
  • Developed technology strategy and influenced corporate strategy.
  • Wrote white papers, blog posts, spoke at industry events on high level concepts such as seamlessness, platformization and crowdification which I envisioned and built into company strategy
  • Instrumental in repositioning of company from QA testing to innovation and technology consultancy
CEO/CTO, Founder
hellofuture llc

Founded innovation, ideation and new product development consultancy. Clients include:

Citigroup: New product ideation, prototype development and social collaboration tools

  • Consulted on product strategy, focusing on process, valuation and new product generation
  • Coded a number of prototypes of forward thinking products and services in conjunction with San Francisco and Singapore innovation labs in Ruby on Rails, including:
  • A web based “city portal” for delivery of city services
  • A peer-to-peer payment system for web and mobile devices
  • A securities presentment and analysis tool

Walmart.com: Design and implementation of innovation programs

  • Created, launched and ran internal crowdsourced innovation program for Walmart.com associates which generated hundreds of new product ideas
  • Architected, developed and launched an internal skills tagging engine in Ruby on Rails

Stealth Social Networking Company: Mobile app development

  • Developed mobile app for Instagram-like service

Stealth Search Company: Back end architecture and development

  • Architecting and coded back end, API and crowdsourced data collection tools in Ruby on Rails for unique media search and discovery app

Apl.de.apps: 3D game and backend development

·       Architected and coded both front and back end application for a networked fighting game

  • Developed user management, game tracking and matchmaking engine in Ruby on Rails
  • Developed front end 3D game in Unity 3D
  • Launched on Play Store
Director, Global Head Of New Product Innovation
Citigroup Inc.

Tasked to develop new products and prototypes for the Global Transaction Services division at Citigroup

  • Created a new product strategy by reviewing past and current internal development, determining best practices, performing competitive analysis and formulating strategy
  • Developed over 100 new products in intensive collaborative brainstorming sessions at innovation labs globally including Singapore, Hong Kong, Dublin and London
  • Coded and presented a selection of developed ideas into prototypes, including:
    • A real-time, tablet based, data presentation and live communications app
    • A real-time collections mechanism using UDDB payments from mobile devices
    • An AR/AP matching “trading floor” for SMEs
CTO, Director, Development & Operations & Co-Founder
Invention Arts

Founded startup to focus on development of innovative products and services and innovation management. Developed a number of inventions which lead to patent and product.

  • Invented, filed a patent on, coded and launched tweebus, a social network interest stream tracking and recording mechanism for live social streams, tracking and analyzing the conversation on specific interests from both Twitter and Facebook.
  • Developed tweebus from ground up within 6 weeks from inception to launch using Ruby on Rails, hosted on Heroku cloud.
  • Developed tweebus social display ad network, including embeddable sidebars, allowing users to anonymously tweet into a live tweet stream.
  • Other projects ranged from a user data bank, where user data can be used as currency, to patent portfolio reporting and analysis systems.
Director, IP Innovation

Managed corporate new product generation program, as well as two major innovation programs, one run yearly and one run continuously, soliciting and acting upon ideas from Yahoo! employees, and directing ideas to production or patent.

  • Brainstormed product ideas with cross functional teams, and performed virtual product development cycles to ascertain all permutations of an idea. Worked with internal teams to architect and develop specs for development. In many cases, built prototypes.
  • Architected and developed an internal corporate ideation posting and voting mechanism used by all full time Yahoo! employees to submit and vote on product and service ideas. Product groups and individual employees interested in working on these ideas could adopt and work on them.
  • Developed web applications to track copyright infringement, trademark infringement, standards membership databases, content management and other tools
  • Filed over 200 patents as sole inventor and in collaboration with others
Co-founder, CEO
AdviceTrader, LLC

Devised, designed and built an interactive advice trading community. Over 2000 advisors provided advice to approximately 4000 registered users in this hosted communications medium, which included private discussion forums, live online chat and phone consultations

  • Vision: Anyone can contribute knowledge and be rewarded for it. Users would answer questions for credits, which then could be used to ask questions for other experts, creating a market for advice. Credits can be withdrawn as cash after conversion.
  • Site allowed users to review experts and post questions directly to them, or post questions and allow experts to bid on answering them. Created communications flow where both the user and expert could maintain their privacy.
  • First built asynchronous version (private email communications only between member and expert), expanded to live online chat, answering questions in real time for a per minute fee, then added ability (via a 3rd party) to initiate private phone conversations between the parties using standard phone lines
Managing Director, Engineering & Technology
OnlineFocus, Inc.

Hired by Internet professional services firm to deliver web development and IT projects. Managed multiple projects and client engagements, using teams of 10+ people, up to $500k per project.

  • Projects included websites, web applications, web marketing, technical analysis & recommendations for companies such as FedEx (design), Sun Microsystems (design and applications, forums and feedback), LSI Logic (design and development) & Cooper Lighting (many projects: online catalog, help system, customer service, email CRM).
  • Attended on-site client meetings, assessed the client’s technical needs and jointly sold solutions with the sales team. Prepared formal proposals, Statements of Work for services, calculated resource needs and assigned pricing for professional services
  • Scoped, developed functional specifications for, and built a wide range of web applications from simple site updating tools to complex email CRM solutions.
  • Coded applications in ASP, PHP, Perl


  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Incomplete), York University
  • Certificate, Business Systems & Computer Programming, Herzing Institute


  • Panelist – AAMA – The Omnichannel Enterprise
  • Speaker – Influence HR Conference – Achieving Sustainable Velocity in Product Development
  • Speaker – IOTAConf – A Seamless World
  • Panelist – SIME Miami – Managing Exponential Growth


  • Book – Our Devices, Ourselves : From Wearable Computers To Homo Superior
  • Book – Wonder Man Machine : Fusing Intent, People & The Cloud
  • White Paper – China Market Entry
  • White Paper – How I Learned To Love Test Automation


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