How To Solve Every Problem By Not Holding Ourselves Back

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Read Chapter 1: Innovation Is War Between the “DoIts” and the “ShouldWes”

No more wars. No more hunger. No more climate change. No more poverty. A flying car in every garage.

Everyone says that these are hard problems to solve, but if you ask me, they are pretty simple. We know what the solutions are to all of the above problems. In fact, we know many, many possible solutions to the above problems. We know how to put a flying car in every garage. We just hold ourselves back from doing it.

This book explores the reasons why we can solve pretty much every problem known to man at this very moment, but we stop. We know what needs to be done, we just don’t do it. That in every country, in every culture, there are the doers, the idea men and women who solve the problems, and the stoppers, those who exist to shut down the doers. All we need to do is to let the doers do, and then all problems will be solved forever more.

We used to let the doers do. This is why we have gone as far as we have. But since then, we’ve let the stoppers stop the doers. And solving every problem just stopped as well.

There is no one holding ourselves back but us. Let’s fly!

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