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230 Are You Silencing Your Radicals?

In every company, there are troublemakers.

These are the radicals, those who don’t toe the party line, they use different processes, they don’t go through channels, they might say or do things that cause some discomfort. Some may describe them as “pains in the ass,” rogue elements which create all manner of disruption, and the company would be better served if they either just went away, or just shut themselves up and fell into place along with everyone else. You all know the type.

The question is when you come across this type of person, what do you do? How do you handle this kind of “rogue” individual or team? Do you try to stop them, to turn them into “normal” workers who don’t cause trouble, do you leave them alone, or do you actively work to shut them down and expel those elements from the company?


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