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242 Say Yes To Everything

Even though William Shatner might be a little over the top most of the time, he’s released a fascinating memoir I read while on a short trip back to Canada. My brother had bought this book for some reason, so I flipped through it. It was a quick read, but the most exciting thing I learned from the book (which is probably why I read many various things, most of which may have nothing to do with innovation, technologies, startups, or the future) is his philosophy of life. It explains a lot about his roles and why he’s played them. His philosophy is something that he developed from the days when he was a starving actor, desperate for roles. It was, simply put, “Say Yes To Everything.” As a struggling young actor, he spent many a night sleeping in his car, as he could not afford rent in the cities that he was acting in, so he developed a philosophy of taking any job offered. Anything at all.



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