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270 Authenticity, Facades & The Future of Work with Urvi Bhandari

Urvi is a Master Connector, Emotionally Wealthy, and has a Nomadic personality. She is a 20-year, reformed, Fortune 10 corporate executive. (AT&T, IBM, Coca-Cola, Walmart). The consistent thread in her career is her ability to have an innovative mindset that creates solutions through collaboration and focuses on the human element, which pushes the business forward. Her mindset is driven by her lifestyle as a nomad and seeing multiple ways of thinking on a global scale. Her vast | and diverse network and the trusting relationships she has built over the past 20 years continue collaborating with her and others to build tomorrow’s future. As an executive coach, she works with executives, guiding them through personal radical self-awareness to increase their emotional wealth and propel their professional careers even further. On the other side of the coin, as an executive recruiter & Co-Founder at, she integrates technology and the human element to help companies recruit the right leaders to cultivate strong leaders. In a time where “innovation” is more than a buzzword but a way of being, Urvi embodies the changing paradigms to drive businesses forward – to be ready for TOMORROW. She has built her advisory services upon her passion for changing the paradigm of how we live, work, and play by connecting people, places, and projects worldwide. She is the bridge between ideas and … action. She focuses on reality versus the “path” we are expected to follow. Even though she “works,” all the time, her biggest priority and emotional wealth come from her partner and his two kids, a very large life family (across the world), and her blood family.



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