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276 Design Thinking and More with Nerjada Maksutaj of IDEO

Nerjada (Ada) Maksutaj recently completed her MBA at Berkeley Haas and is the 2020 Center for Responsible Business Fellow. Before business school, Ada worked as a strategy consultant with Accenture advising on digital transformation, corporate innovation, and social entrepreneurship projects with clients including the United Nations, World Economic Forum, and Pearson Education. Post-graduation, she will join IDEO’s Design for Learning studio, focused on lifelong learning and future of work challenges. She previously studied Economics and Human Rights at the University of Chicago. Helpful tools for remote collaboration: • o Enterprise-ready team collaboration whiteboard for distributed teams • o Shape is IDEO’s latest digital innovation tool for building, testing, and refining your ideas • o Digital workspaces for visual collaboration, inspiration, and innovation • o Shared Sticky Notes and Whiteboards How to define design thinking? Below you can see how IDEO loosely defines design thinking – There’s no one definition. At IDEO, it’s a set of mindsets and design-based activities that foster the collaboration required to solve problems in human-centered ways. It’s not a fail-safe approach, nor is it the only approach.



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