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282 We are Afraid to Forge Our Future. Let’s Stop Holding Ourselves Back

  • Why are we in this innovation “rut”?
  • Its safety over innovation
  • From the 1880s to the 1950s when so much innovation was going on – it was crazy.
  • Since then, we’ve hardly invented anything.
  • We are so concerned about hurting ourselves that we are holding ourselves back.
  • Look at the invention of the car and the plane. People used to be willing to be hurt or die in pursuing innovation. Now we don’t
  • Every disaster pushes us back so far. Why can’t we move forward?
  • Right to try is the right way to go
  • We’ve pulled back on ourselves – we ask “should we” too often
  • We need to be willing to innovate at the expense of our safety and security
  • We need to create innovation zones where people can innovate without fear. Inventions can run for free.



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