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283 Why I Bought A Cybertruck: It’s Strange, Weird and Different (Like Me)

  • We humans actively seek out the new, and the Cybertruck is that.
  • Even though I don’t believe in electric vehicles, I love the DESIGN
  • Electric cars are just REPOSITIONING the electric generation
  • It looks DAMN COOL and AMAZING
  • Every car on the road looks the same.
  • Every carmaker is stealing ideas from other carmakers.
  • Even the Teslas are boring.
  • Cybertruck is the future. I want to be part of that future
  • If the design stays mostly the same, then I will buy it
  • We are sponges that want to learn everything when we are born
  • Our brains are still primed to seek out the new
  • We want the next dopamine fix
  • Attention other carmakers: note the Cybertruck design



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