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297 Thinktank Your Startup Economist Badri Gopalakrishnan From Infinite Sum Modeling

An interesting wide-ranging interview with Economist Badri Gopalakrishnan from Infinite Sum Modeling

  • Technological progress tends to be retarded by policy 
  • Does technology or policy drive innovation?
  • How policy can negatively affect innovation
  • Technology is powerful but is only part of the picture
  • Policy always lags technological progress – but it doesn’t need to be so
  • Startups don’t have to fight policy
  • They should work with policymakers and competitors
  • Would Uber’s path have been smoother if they worked with the taxi unions?
  • Economic models drive most pricing everywhere
  • Blockchain and Farming  – gap on how to apply technologies
  • Emotions typically overtake reality when it comes to technological progress
  • Permissionless innovation is still valid, but it can be done better
  • Disruptive technologies never come from policy, but it can drive policy if it grabs share fast enough
  •  Constant battles between disruptive innovation and policy – can these work together?
  • Startups should also be a thinktank – to deeply understand the implications of a startups business prior to creating an adversarial relationship with existing players in the space
  • AI startups could provide mitigation plans for possible future job loss
  • How to move to a collaborative environment from an adversarial environment
  • Global trade and China – differentiate the people from the state – the regime is challenging and authoritarian
  • China: IP issues and supply chain issues – startups without resources should probably stay away
  • Free trade may drop into blocks – 3D printers will likely eliminate the requirement to manufacture in other countries
  • 3D printing and robotics manufacturing will change the shape of trade worldwide
  • If there is no skill upgrading, then we may need to implement UBI
  • What do you do with the “unemployables” – outside of the high tech folks, we still need personal service folks
  • UBI is definitely coming – its happening in many places already – India has already experimented with UBI
  • Countries will likely become more protectionist – more free trade BUT more reciprocity



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