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302 Innovation in Higher Education With Danielle Carnes, Edmonds College

Danielle Carnes, the VP for Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at Edmonds College. We cover:

  • Is higher education still relevant to the faster pace of today?
  • Envisioning the future and backcasting to today
  • Education will be more modular and just-in-time
  • Staying in tune with the job market in much more important
  • Colleges should be teaching critical thinking and how to learn
  • Higher education works in partnership with tech companies
  • Learning to swim and golf via YouTube and practice
  • Ideas come from all over the organization
  • The happy medium between “keep it going” and “blow-it up”
  • Bringing Futurism into the Innovation process
  • Trends, Disruption, and Change Management
  • New educational delivery models – TikTok style education?
  • Adaptive Learning is already here – but does it work for everyone?
  • Every organization needs a Chief Philosopher
  • Apprenticeships are back, baby!



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