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307 Evan Mulcahy Director of Innovation @ Credit Union 1

On Episode 307 Evan Mulcahy Director of  Innovation  @ Credit Union 1 talks innovation in financial services and the awesomeness of Alaska.

Evan Mulcahy is a credit union leader, influencer, and future professor of economics. Plus he’s an Alaskan. Evan is known for using analytical thinking to break down and help people understand complex human experiences.

Currently working as Director of Innovation for Anchorage-based Credit Union 1, he is responsible for reimagining member experiences for the future. Evan works well under pressure, launching a series of digital initiatives in response to the pandemic’s shelter-in-place orders in just 9 days. In less turbulent times, he spends most of his days researching or leading journey and affinity mapping sessions – laying the groundwork for even more innovation.

A powerful visual story teller, you can find Evan using his spare time to run the @AlaskaFoodie Instagram account – Alaska’s premier restaurant influencer.

Evan is active in the credit union movement, young professional groups in particular. He “crashed” CUNA’s GAC with the Cooperative Trust and “shook up” the Alaska Credit Union League Annual Meeting as part of the Emerging Credit Union Leaders of Alaska. His passion is paving the way for the next generation of big thinkers and doers!


“Mulcahy” is “Mull-Kay-He”

“CUNA’s GAC” is “Cue-na’s G-A-C” (yes, the first one is an acronym and the second one is an initialism… that’s how we know who the real credit union people are J)



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