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336 No-Code Rapid App Delivery with Jen Grant @ Appify

Jen Grant currently leads Appify as CEO, delivering an enterprise-grade no-code platform that supports companies such as TataMD, Johnson & Johnson, and Keysight in quickly delivering apps to their mobile workforces. Before Appify, I spent the last 15 years taking multiple companies to over a billion-dollar valuation. As CMO, Jen Grant led Looker’s marketing until the 2.6B acquisition by Google in 2019, led the rebrand of Elastic and built the team that took the company public for 2.4B in 2018, and grew Box from a small start-up to an industry-leading enterprise content company with a 1.7B IPO in 2015. Grant also spent 4 years at Google leading the Google Apps EDU, Gmail, and Book Search marketing teams. She holds an MBA from Wharton and a BA from Princeton. Learn more about Jen and Appify’s mission at



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